This could affect the repeal of the 1994 Ban of "So-Called Assualt Weapons"

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    U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft will go against the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the government's fight against assault weapons.... The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Ohio has begun hearing arguments over whether an assault-weapons ban under the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 violates the U.S. Constitution. Ashcroft, a life member of the NRA, has enlisted retired Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (D-Cleveland), a lifelong enemy of the gun lobby and a chief sponsor of the ban, to assist him with the government's case. Ashcroft's assistants have been referencing Metzenbaum's Senate record for legal arguments aimed at maintaining a federal law that restricts access to the guns. "The outcome of this case will significantly affect the future safety of the public and law-enforcement officers," said Richard Rosen, a Washington lawyer who represents the groups supporting the ban. When the ban was being debated in the U.S. Congress, Metzenbaum argued that such action was needed because the military features on some semiautomatic rifles made them a threat to society and especially valuable to drug dealers and violent gangs.
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    I am stunned that Ashcroft would pick Howard Metzenbaum for ANYTHING......... they have always APPEARED to be each other's antithisis, but then politics make for strange bedpartners. I DO believe you, but I hope the information is flawed or incorrect (for ALL our sake!!!). Let's see how the plot unfolds.
    Thanks for the "heads-up". Happy Trails and safe shootin',
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    where did this tid-bit of info come from??? just doesn't make sense to me???
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    I found it on
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    Just goes to show that you can't trust ANYBODY involved in politics. When the 'assault-weapon' ban comes up for review, I sure hope that the NRA and every single gun owning american jumps on the band wagon to have it repealed and floods Washington with letters, e-mails and phone calls. There is definate proof that the only thing it accomplished was make it more expensive for law-abiding citizens to buy certain products.
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    The Assault Weapons Ban does not come under review, it EXPIRES! Congress has to pass new legislation if the want to keep it in effect. There is no "repeal" necessary.

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    Ashcroft seems to be backsliding on quite a few things lately. I don't have as much confidence in him as I once did.
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    Where can you find this information about the 'ban'. Not what it is, just about the timeline and exactly what has to happen to keep it in effect...sounds like all we need is a few gun-owning/loving congressman to move up to the podium and filibuster it to death. I'd like to read all I can about it. TIA!
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    Wasn't Metzenbaum the guy that wanted a 1000% sin tax on ammunition back in the late 80s.