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    Some of ya'll are aware that I'm a total guitar freak. I'm sure Ted Nugent would be proud. I have fronted many bands and what not, and since moving to San Antone (a live music mecca) I have hooked up with yet another group of guys who can play till their fingers bleed.

    We call ourselves "The Naked Jaywalker's." If nothing else, it will catch somebodies eye on a marquee, and might just stick in somebody's mind.

    I grew up with Wille and Waylon as my major inlfuences, and then on to Marshall Tucker, Allman's, etc, etc. I spent time studying the blues, ie Muddy Waters, Albert Collins, etc. So what we have now is this blend of music that comes out as a Country-meets-Rock and Roll-meets-blues-meets-bluegrass. It's a guitar driven hoedown if ya will.

    We fit into this new genre of musicians known as Alternative Country, Americana, or "Texas Music." Willie and Waylon kind of fired it up back in the 70's. I like to call it "Y'all-ternative music."

    We're about to record a CD of about eight to ten songs to use as a demo. All are to be copywritten this month for protection. The CD's won't be sold, but given away for no other purpose than exposure. Should be ready in about a month to a month and a half.

    Anybody interested can give me a holler and I'll be happy to ship one to ya free of charge. I'd like feedback as to what ya thought. And you're not obligated to tell me that you like it either.

    I chose you guys because I feel that this is the place to find decent hardworking men and women, and I also know that not a one of you will hold back his opinion!

    It can't be to bad, people are turning out for our shows....

    BTW, every member of the five piece band has their Concealed Carry License!
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  2. Oxford

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    Oneasrix: That's my kind of music. Yep...I'd like to get a copy of your CD when it's available. I'll send you a PM with my address, etc.

    I'm a self-taught harmonica player and have been working on getting the blues sound down. Haven't missed playing it every day since last February when the bug hit me to learn how to play.



    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Not as bad of a name as my brothers old band on Put In Bay island... "Ben Dover and the Screamers"...still pretty good though 1* ! :right: :guitar:
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    Oh Lord NRA! How did they come up with that. Reminds me of my college frat "Tappa Kegga Dae!"

    Ox I have a video on Blues harmonica (Beginner level). I'm done with it, if I can find it, and you're interested, I'll mail it to ya this week....
  5. 1*

    Add me to your list, bro, if you don't mind.

    God, I hope you do well in the growth of the band and your music.

    I haven't seriously picked up my guitar in years.

    In 1974 I went back to Ohio when my best friend (and best man at my wedding) was dying of a brain tumor.

    While there he asked me to play American Pie by Don McLean. We sang along to it as best as we two, 'can't carry a tune in a wheelbarrow' voices could do.

    It wasn't very long after that that he died and I have never felt the urge to seriously pick up the guitar since.

    But, you sir, I wish you well and many hours of fun playing.

    BTW Willie is my favorite of the country singers.
  6. oneastrix

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    Dale, PM me with the info needed to ship it to ya when they come in.....

    And yes...I emptied my PM boxes so you won't have any trouble with it!
  7. oneastrix

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    NRAJOE, got your info PM. Wrote it down on my list....

    Howlin' Wolf, that's a name I hadn't thought of in a while....

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Thanks 1*, Howling Wolf and John Lee Hooker is what I started on. :guitar: :cheer:
  9. oneastrix

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    Howabout Blind Lemon Jefferson. A little older than those guys, but a true god father of the blues. John Lee......amazing player.

    Gatemouth Brown?
  10. NRAJOE

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    Gatemouth is cool too! Howz about Blind Melon Chitlin?(Cheech and Chong):D "Gonna go downtown, gonna see my gal, gonna sing her a song, gonna show her my ding dong" :eek: :p
  11. Klaus

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    Heck, may need to ride to San Antone to see you.
  12. oneastrix

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    PM me if you're interested Klaus. How far is Cypress from me BTW? It won't be long B4 we're playing outside of San Antone. I know of several joints that cater to our kind of music in the Houston area. Anything worth booking in your area?
  13. Benny

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    I'm certainly interested in hearing you guys oneastrix. Send me one! I'll PM you!

  14. oneastrix

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    Roger that, Benny. This type of music is gaining popularity in your state for sure..... I'll PM reply when I get your info PM.....
  15. I'd like to hear it too. At one time I was the first chair saxophone in Az. All State band. Played saxophone for almost 10 years along with a little guitar and clarinet too. Took a lot of music classes and studied different types of music. Can't play anymore though darn it.
  16. Klaus

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    Cypress is a little North West of Houston.
  17. oneastrix

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    If you want it, just PM me way to send it to ya. Glad I'm gettng the response I am getting. All addresses and what not are confidential...
  18. Texas Tornado

    Howdy 1*!

    can ya count me in too? I'm a little far off, but more so the better. Ya never know who will here a CD blarin out of the ol Tahoe.....

    I'll PM ya........ And as for Texas Blues you can't count out Stevie ray Vaughn!
    :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :right: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:
  19. oneastrix

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    You got it Alan. Got your PM...