This is a great page to look through serial numbers.

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    Get all of those serial numbers out and go for it. I dug through the Winchester Serial numbers and found allot of there receivers apparently getting a SA barrel fit check? This is a rumor the pure Winchester collector's do not want to believe or here. I got tore up for mentioning this one time as they said the fakers would pass off mixed rifles as originals. Well the proof is here and with the serial numbers. Enjoy

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    Cool, very worthwhile site StockDoc! I'm putting it in favorites for future reference.

  3. Hey cool, the older sister (4 ser #s) of my Springfield 1903 was assigned to Washington DC High School. The younger brother (5 ser#s) went to NY Govenors Island Arsenal if i read that correctlyl.
    My Smith Corona relitives (2-300 ser#s) went to San Diego Schools ROTC. What a hoot!!!
    You can look for brothers and sisters.
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  4. That wa s great post. I am very intrigued by the amount of info these people have and the trouble they had to go to to compile it. I bookmarked it. Found out that my SA is listed as "lost". OOPS!
  5. None of my rifles are listed (haven't tried my carbine yet) but still interesting to look through. One guy found his rifle was used in China and then shipped to Vietnam.
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    Thanks Rick. Excellent info!