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    I was just reading through some old posts and found this one. I am a registered Arizona voter and lived there for 6 years close to the border. An illegal is eligible for state3 health services I.e Access health care. They will cross the border to have their babies hence their children become U.S. Citizens. I will agree if they are bleeding and need immediate triage we must help. As for securing the borders more directly i am all for it. My ex-wife's husband is a border patrol agent and recently helped in the seizure of over 3700 lbs of dope. The Idea of a wall kinda does bother me because we are not the Russians of the cold war, but better pay, benefits and more agents is a must. As for McCain i am not to sure about his tenure in office, he seems to be upsetting allot of constituents in Arizona, I for one may even vote for a ( I can't believe i am saying this) Dem if that candidate is more focused on what us Arizonans believe
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    Hey, the communist walls were to keep serfs from escaping. We are trying to keep FOREIGN INVADERS out. Big difference, in my book.

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    Very true Klaus, i guess i wasn't looking at it from that angle.
  4. There is an Republican up-and-comer, Rick Renzi, from Arizona looking to dethrone McCain in the next election.

    He is originally from Flagstaff and, although Flagstaff's population is dwarfed by Phoenix terms, he has a large following up north.

    I know nothing about him, personally.

    I e-mailed him asking some very pointed questions. His office said he does not respond to e-mails out of fear they might be political enemies or the press but did call me on the phone.

    We had a twenty minute or so conversation and he seems, on the surface anyway, a true Republican with Republican views, including a strong 2nd. Amendment stance.

    If anyone can find out anything, positive or negative, let me know. I need someone to look up to since McCain is in the gutter.