This is depressing.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Robert, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. Robert

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    Did any of the Contender users make the jump?
  2. Jesse

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    I'll scout the old forum and put a link...


  3. ScottD

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    If there smart enough to buy T/C, they'll be smart enough to find the site. hehehe
  4. Roy McMillan

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    Thompson Contender

    Thumbs up on the contender, I've owned one for 20 yrs., don't want the new ones. Hunt with it only, no shooting matches. For small game, chucks, fox, crow, coon, etc. I use 222 10" BulBlr w 4 power weaver, for bigger game, whitetail, muley, blackbear , coyote, etc. I use 44mag 16" BulBlr w 2.5 Redfield , going to try on turkey this spring. Theres nothing that can compare to the thrill of taking game with a TC, except maybe useing an old style muzzleloader. Have fun.
  5. Topstrap

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    Have always loved my contenders, started with them back in the late 70's/early 80's in silhouette. Great gun, I'm lucky enough to live near SSK and shoot with his gunsmith so we get to play with some pretty nifty calibers. I still have three frames, I still like my oldest one the best, I like the feel of the trigger shape better than the newer curved ones but like the newer way of changing the rim/center fire firing pin. I haven't seen of shot the newer design yet but if it's like the Encore I don't think I'll like it.

    I guess we should have seen the change coming with the liability lawsuits going the way they are. I got to witness one of the things the contender had wrong on the YO Handgun hunt I was on last Fall, the fella pulled up on the animal, forgot to cock the hammer, pulled the trigger.... it didn't fire of course since it wasn't cocked but before anyone could say anything he had lowered the gun and was pulling the hammer back to recock and try again, he pulled it back and then released his thumb..... boom, it went thru the fender of the vehicle he was behind, thru the distributor, waterpump and radiator. Luckily no one was hurt but it opened everyone eyes. I've never had that happen but it's something I was aware of so I always paid close attention to it.
  6. Robert

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    Yeah, If you cock it and dont take the shot, lay the hammer back down, the transfer bar is disabled too. On little tap on the hammer or on the end of the muzzle and boom. Took me a while to learn about that one, but no injuries. Have to break the barrel and it is safe to carry. I guess I 'could' use the safety, but I am always afraid I will forget it and dry fire.
  7. E-9

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    I'm rite-along-side Roy McMillan,,,, own a lot of single shot iron,,,, my contenders are my love,,,,,don't care for the new ones and will always use my old ones. About the handiest thing for a ranch I know. Keep your groups tight and have fun gang.
  8. Paul I

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    Does anyoneknow if they chamber the contender in the 7.62x39 it seems that a short wide cartige would work well. Like the 6mm&7mm did.

    Paul I