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    hey buddy me and a friend was thinkin of takin a little trip this summer with the rhino's and i was wondering if there was any good riding areas yup there. i figure me and the other 18 guys could crash at your
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    I think he just might have room for all of you.But have fun and let us know how it went.......LOL

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    you should go crash with billy.... LOL
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    i hear ya we was thinkin of makin a trip to tenn, but we ain't really sure yet. who knows where we gonna end up .i been lookin up places to ride and found a few of them they have this place called "windrock" it looks pretty nice. and they have another lace too called the hatfield/Mcoy trials that place looks nice too.
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    Tommy, I'm an Arkie myself, and I think there are some great places to ride here. I'll admit I'm predjuduced but truth is truth.
    Hwy 7 from Hot Springs north as far as you want to go is great. I use to ride myself in my younger days and N. Ar. has some great med. size hills. Good luck and have fun!!

  6. tommy

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    man that highway 7 brings back some nice memories. when we go on vacation we stay in hotsprings and we take highway 7 north and stop at all the little trails on the way and walk a bit. it's been 3 years sinse i been that way but man it sure is beautyfull.
  7. tommey i know there's trails some where, but I don't know where.
    If you want me to I'll get you the literature on Arkansas and mail it to you or you can go on line and order the vactioners package that's free, that would be your best bet.
    If I knew for sure my Honda Foreman would hold up I'd would enjoy a trip like that too.
    I can also ask my son if he knows, because he's an Arkansas State Parks Ranger.
    I'll give him a call, he's off on Mondays but I think I'm going to the State parks website to look and see what's available myself.
    tommy I'll holler back at you.
    Hey Snuffy tommy has visited Arkansas in the past...A.H
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    AH- I've vacationed at Fort Chaffee twice! Wonderful!
  9. tommy

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    ok. thanks A.H i'm gonna try searching the stae websight and see what comes up.
  10. Enjoy yer trip. Arkansas is a wonderful state. I like to ride up around Mountain View and Hot Springs but I don't do many driving trips anymore. Except to Walmart and Jonesburro.
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    i like the lake cathrine area we used to go walk the trails on the refuge thing. and i have to visit garvin woodland gardens everytime we go that place is nice.

    mountain view is that the hill or mountain that you can park and over see hot springs ?if so i been up that hill too and took a few pictures..

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  12. No that's a little way's north. They have a big cave thier. And a BIG park with camping and Cave tours. And they have a Folk Center where they make all kinds of old things by hand.
  13. tommy

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    i'm gonna have to check out this place "mountain view"
  14. snuffysmith

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    Tommy, Mtn. View is a must see for sure. It's too late this year but they have a great festival in the spring(around 1st of May, I think) folk music, arts & craft, lots of good food. Also, Blanchard Springs Cavern is a great cave, one of the biggest in the country. They have a great campground there too. It's been many years since I went there but I'm sure the CofC could give you plenty of info. Have fun.

    Snuffy(Whoo Pig, Soueeee)
  15. Yep it certianly is a must see place! I go thier ever few years. I shoud go more often cause I'm only a few hours away.
  16. TXplt

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    Beautiful area--used to fly over it alot. Real cool ridgelines.

    Also used to fly into Fort Smith quite a bit -- Loved the BBQ at Jerry's.
  17. Hey tommy for give me I for got this thread. I called my son and he wasn't sure about State ATV trails but he said the national parks have them.
    But he did'nt know where.
    I too recommend Mountain Veiw my wife and I love that place.
    Make resorvations at the Folk Center Lodge and see the sites there and the show at night.
    Next Go to Blanchard Springs Caverns which is a few miles down the road.
    You will never forget going there.
    That place is nice and you'll enjoy the tour in the caverns. You gotta see this place !!!!
    Reserve 2 nights at the lodge at the Folk center. If you like Red Eye gravy then eat all your breakfast's at the Folk center resturant.
    There's so much to see and do here, you need a Tour guide book to know.
    If you can't get one I'll mail you some stuff.
    We have a new BIG tourist information center on HWY 167 and 82 because were close to north Louisiana.
    I can go feth you all the stuff you need. If you can't order it free off the net.
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  18. I've taken tours in those cave a number of times and it is certain intresting! One even has where they found and indian skeleton and burnt torches.
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    Tommy - I grew up in Hot Springs and the surrounding area and just moved back last year. I know of several places if you are interested. Mtn. View, up north is beautiful as well. Here in Hot Springs their is actually a place called the Superlift Off-road park where us Jeep guys go ride up the side of mountains. They have some great views and some even better trails for ATV's. They have a website. It's

    Feel free to holler if you have any questions or want other suggestions.
  20. All this goes to show that Arkansas is truly a wonderful place to live!