This is why.

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    We used to have a CAI/other Garands forum. All we got was "dangerous,POS,get a real Garand",etc. Oh well,I'm outta here. Sorry guys that don't have a "real" M-1, it aint worth it trying to get through the B.S.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    You guys who complain so much need to get a life! There are so many firearms out there and If no one agrees with your choice you get all snippy and pout and want to leave! Sorry we don't all feel your passion for a certain firearm. But seriously, grow up before you get all pouty and take your ball home for Petes sake! Don't take stuff so personal and lets all get along. This is the kind of stuff the anti's pray for!!!!!!!