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    I started a new thread because once I got into trouble for posting too many times on one thread too close togather and somehow it triggered some safety deal Chris has.So I will use a new thread.I had my "SUPER SMART" SIL look at this (shaking his head in confusion) and he says the only safe way to go until this deal is tried in court and rulings made on it is to not use anything for reference/verification on what I say.Before I learned to copy and paste,(just barely able to do that) I would make statements and someone would say it was wrong and having no way to back up/verify what I said I would answer back,often gunastily and they would do the same and the pis*i*g contest was on.Well I decided all on here were really nice men and also learned to copy and paste to substantiate/verify my statements so only the really stubborn/(pig headed) could dispute my statements.It worked pretty good so I wouldn't say anything I couldn't back up.I will not take a chance of getting Chris in trouble so it puts me back to where I won't be able to verify anything again.So,having learned the first time that argument without substantiation is useless and turns into a pis*i*g contest which I refuse to do any more I will post what I know and have verified with outside sources and if you want clarification and ask in an inteligent way I will try to enlighten you.But if anyone goes to the old "name calling"and such,I will drop the subject and hope that the ones intrested got some good out of the topic.This is strictly against my principles of self defence as I am a fighter and will use any and all means available to win when threatened.But My standards are not good and were often harmful to the very forum I was trying to help by giving accurate,truthful info to.So if I write something and you question it please ask for verification intelligently and I will answer in kind.If I consider your reply offensive/combative,there will be no reply. (why doesn't Chris want to go to Vegas?Just joking of course)
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    Just post a link.
    To back up what your saying.

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    I took the last post from Chris as saying he didn't want that either.I wouldn't take the chance anyway because I am so computer stupid.I don't know how they can blame Chris for me doing something but aparently they can so I just won't give them the opportunity.If I don't do any copy and paste they can't sue Chris.I emagine this one will shake the whole internet up.
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    I have ask for verification but I understood it that if I linked I can not quote anything on that site as part of my post .
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    this is what you do.
    In YOUR own words, recap what the link is. Works. Copying any part of the content is what we are trying to stop.
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    I am not going to answer that for fear of sounding even more stupid than I am.(impossible)But if I were going to answer it I would say: It all looks like jiberish to me.Wait until I give my interperatation and no one will recognise it as the english language.