this just bothers me.

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    every morning i have this habit. i get ready for my day, check the news, and then log in to G&G(it cheers me up after reading the news.)
    i hate it when the first artical i see is similar to what i saw today, look at the cute hippos playing with the crocodiles.
    with all the bad crap going on, enemies of the US building nukes, cartels cutting peoples heads off, my fellow country men and women not able to find jobs that can support them, hippos get the headline.
    is this what the news people think is the most important thing right now, or do they think more people want to read about hippos than be informed with what is going on in the US and elsewhere. neither option makes me happy.
    if they think that people need a break from the doom and gloom, need to read a feel good story as it were ive got some ideas.
    stories about our brave men and women who have survived the hell of war and made it back to theyre families. that makes me feel good.
    articals about people helping theyre communities, habitat for humanity, fundraiser for police and fire departments, and how others can get involved.
    this day in history type stuff, what was happening this day in 1776, 1943,
    is it really that people just dont want to know about whats going on.
    if so i just dont get it.
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    The average American, doesn't seem to have a clue/care, anymore.
    They have been deprogrammed, when it comes to national news.
    They simply scan the headlines.
    Or they may watch/listen to, the talking heads. (both sides)
    If it doesn't effect, their immediate lives, or pocket book.
    They read the Hollywood, sports or local news.

    But, it is EVERY Americans job.
    To pay attention, and speak up.
    And to MAKE our elected officials, LISTEN to us.

  3. Many people seem to exist only in their own little bubbles and anything that dosn't have to do with it is an annoyance, who cares what happened in relavant news when you need that recap of X show.

    But the track record alot of news agencies have would make one shy away from alot of what they do. Seen by those paying attention and compiled somewhat at this link, too lazy to copy paste the good ones.

    Murphy's Law: Media Misperceptions Of The Last Decade
  4. Grizcty has made an excellent point

    Americans have been beaten down and desensitized by situations often of our government's making in which we have no part and cannot effect.

    I know I scan over the news with (unfortunately) an emotional block as to the various horror stories from Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, etc. I just come to expect the same stories every day - the headline is the story and no interest in the details anymore.

    I suspect you forum members see the same thing I see on the local news programs - fifteen seconds of a horror story from Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, etc. followed by fifteen seconds of a local story with the news anchor not changing a bit in facial expression or tone of voice.

    Amarillo television reminds me of the lyrics from the song Dirty Laundry:

    The bleached blond airhead who comes on at five,
    She can tell you all about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye.

    Grizcty is correct. I admit I have become too desensitized and there are things that should really bother me.
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    The primary job of those who decide what to print on the front page of the paper or use as the lead story for the video/audio news broadcast is to get more people to buy the paper or watch/listen to the show. It is not to provide news coverage, it is to sell their product, whether it be a show or a paper, to the most people possible.

    As a consequence, they will run with whatever they think will attract the biggest audience without being illegal. If that's a story about Hippo's in pink bikinis cavorting with Nile Crocodiles in Panama hats, so be it.

    And that nice little story about the vegan agend 'animal rights' group that bamboozled the media nationwide into giving them coverage for a video of a perfectly legal, humane and normal veal calf operation gets pushed aside because it makes the media types look just a bit gullible. Hardly any coverage of the Mercy for Animals guy telling the news guys that they plan to continue with their "undercover expose' " nonsense until animal agriculture ceases to exist. I think he may have fainted if someone asked about hunting. (I have an inside line on this as it was a local farm they filmed this time and I had dinner yesterday with a guy who works in the Dix News Capitol Bureau in Columbus.)

    Or the story about the big Restore Honor crowd in D.C. gets second billing to the much smaller crowd protesting the use of the Lincoln Memorial by someone other than them on MLK weekend.

    It's all about the dollars, as usual.
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    It's called distraction.;)