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    And maybe it might get political, but it isn't right now. If someone thinks it needs to move, please do so.

    A State Highway Patrolman stopped a car that had run a stop sign pretty much right in front of him.

    The passenger told the officer he was in the country illegally. The driver, who was drunk, is 16, has no license, and also is a suspected illegal. Both were arrested.

    At the time I heard the news broadcast (5 AM today), they did not give further details about what charges may be brought or how the situation will be handled.

    This happened in Ohio as far as I know.

    Any updates? Any guesses about what happens next?
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    A lynching ?? Shot while trying to escape ?? Probably the Patrolman will be fired, and the lawbreakers will receive a full pardon from the Governor !!
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    There must be more to the story. Most states do not allow regular cops to arrest someone simply for being illegal (unfortunately). They require the police to detain the individuals on the scene until an ICE agent can respond. They can site them, however, for agricultural tresspass, which carries a small monetary fine, whoopty doo.

    I guess the cop could have taken the driver in for being drunk. But, my guess is they had either illegal drugs or illegal weapons in the car, which can warrant an arrest.
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    Maybe, Sam, but I'm pretty sure it was a traffic stop for running a stop sign. It will probably be in my paper tomorrow if I remember to look for it. And it was no ordinary LEO, but a State Highway Patrolman. Here in Ohio, they have pretty broad authority. Not as much as the State Police in Michigan, but more than a county Sheriff or city officer would.

    Thursday Okay, I was wrong, a bit. It was in the Wednesday paper. I should have known that since the morning radio guy just reads stuff out of the paper. Here's the story:


    Wooster – Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials were contacted following a Tuesday traffic stop that revealed the driver and passenger may be in the United States illegally.
    Wooster Post of the State Highway Patrol Sgt. Jason Bittinger said Angel Yovani Gomez, 41, no address given, was arrested and placed on an I.C.E. hold after he admitted to troopers making a traffic stop on U.S. Route 30 he was in the coutnry illegally.
    Troopers made the stop at about 12:09 p.m. when Gomez was a passener in a Dodge Neon that failed to yield to an emergency vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, a 16-year-old boy, was allegedly intoxicated at the time and also is believed to be in the coutnry illegally, Bittinger said. The juvenile does not have a driver’s license, Bittinger said.
    Bittinger said the I.C.E. holder will allow officials to determine Gomez’ immigrant status.
    “The holder is basically to see if he is here legally or not,” Bittinger said. “I assume if they find he is illegal they will deport him.”
    The driver was cited for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, speeding, marked lanes, and failure to move left for an emergency vehicle. He was taken to a juvenile attention center following the traffic stop, Bittinger said.
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