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  1. Doglips

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    I usaly copy and post a lot of joke pic...and soem more serious ones. This pic of the DC police checking cars bothered me.....I guess its because the officer was wearing blue jeans and had his face covered....I understand the reasons for the bacava in swat raids and such but I guess TO ME and my paranodid mind...the imige of police.or anyone else....dressed like this checking cars just dont sit well with me....TO ME (cant speek for others)...the cop in this pic looks more like a terrorist than a L/E officer...

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  2. Mick

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    You're right, if I saw this guy coming for me I'd be more than tempted to light it on outta there

  3. PAPA G

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    the usual explanation is the guy works undercover, and doesn't want to be recognized. but what ever is the reason it is certainly upsetting to be stopped by a masked, MP-5 toting thug!!!
  4. wes

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    Looks like a terrorist to me.
  5. I didnt take that away from it....


    I was more confused than bothered by the Bacala on their heads. Why the mask, they are not in a covert nighttime operation?

    I know the headwear may be regulation, but it was a little silly. I was actually comforted to see the show of force.

    However, I was not one of the card being detained, and as I usually have one gun or another in the truck ( I always have one ready in case I have time to stop at the range and hammer a few paper targets) I know I would have been detained............
  6. Mandy

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    :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult:

    I would like to see the big picture, why this guy was there checking on the cars?, is this a block to detain citizens in random search? or to protect them from posible hot area (you know perimeter guards).

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  7. tommy

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    they were looking for the white van sniper Mandy. i bet those guy's smuggling drugs dropped a load in thier pants that day.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    No sir, don't like it, don't like it at all. Looks like some foreign checkpoint! :mad:
  9. Chris

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    I would not have stopped. I would have kept going unless, he started pointing that thing at me!

    I find it very easy to replicate that look...and I don't even see a badge.
  10. oneastrix

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    Either way , those are desparate times out there...I may be worng, and I will look again, but the gun looks more like a short barreled AR....judging by the size of the mag...looks more like .223 then 9mm....but the gun is hard to view in the pic...
  11. colt45

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    I would have to say we would be haveing a show down if I was the driver of this truck. I hope there was uniformed officers around to offset this pic.
  12. oneastrix

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    They were running total road blocks..that's all I saw on the news...I don't think the drivers had a choice but to stop.....
  13. Why would they they use undercover cops to check vehicles? This is not right . Don't treat the common public like they are criminals. Road blocks are one thing but that picture is what we don't want in this country. If you point a gun at me then show me your face. I view that as a coward with heavy fire power. This is not Nazi Germany, Ok I am finished. Sorry 1* I just do not agree. I respect LEO but within the law. Oneastrix I know you are a good cop with a good soul and I believe in the brother hood of the police.
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  14. Oxford

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    Why would undercover cops be working the highways instead of regular LEO. The masks should be replaced with LEO's holding up proper identification badges while they're searching cars asking drivers questions.

    I realize that catching this serial killer will require unusual skill and cunnng but at the same time LEO' need to respect the rights of innocent citizens, too.

    Oxford :fuss:
  15. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    I understand you views, all of you....but seriously, as I look at the pic, I don't see a gun pointed at anybody or anything but the ground......Yes, that appears to be a public intimidation ordeal though, I agree totally.....If he gets capped, he's really not identified as a policemen...

    Of course, with the way the media has covered this thing...that could be a pic of a dope raid on a vehicle three months just never know...
  16. Doglips

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    This pic came from the ABC web was when the DC police did the road block to find the white van/truck....Im sure it was an all hands stop everyone....lets get this "sniper" and I honestly belive that there was little time...trying to block off an get everyone in place or for uniform officrs to respond to every road..road block...the ofccier was wearing what appears to be a "raid" vest...marked with Police and Im sure there were probly lots of police cars in and around the area....then to I dont know the weather conditions..could have been cold ect. I understand also that undercover and swat officers cover their face to prevent retailation from criminals...the same can be said for the ar-15?? being out and ready...your trying to catch a serial killer... Its just in this situation I (ME) BELIVE that the officer should have had his faces uncovered and been a little more clearly marked as a police officer....if it he was an undercover officer and had to cover his face he should have been used in a support role off to the side....I just think that this pic shows THIS officer....dressed very much like a criminal....and it is just wrong for an officer dressed like this to be checking cars.... IF...BIG IF I drove by a store...side of the road where ever and from the side seen this guy walking ... running ... standing....face jeans and sweat shirt and a rifle....I would probly call 911.
  17. WyrTwister

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    Yep !

    God Bless
  18. jerry

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    everything elese aside, this is just not professional. Jeans are a big no no. If identity/ undercover was some sort of issue glasses would suffice along with a hat. Under garmet body armor would be a plus as well. or a POLICE marked jacket over the top of the outer armor. Just my opinion, but this guy seems to be a bit much into it. Police, Military, any kind of civil service heck, even mailman, public image & professionalism is paramount.
  19. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    Okay its a short barreled AR -- depending on the agency yes it could be a UC cop but also everything he is wearing can be purchased by any of us -- personally I would be going the other way or have the pocket toy ready to rock if he's a Terrorist. If he is for real then it should not be a problem -- come on guys we are talking about a mess out there and they are doing everything possible to find the perp. Of course anyone who has had any sort of tactical training and or been through a sharpshooter school knows that the only way to catch a sniper is to think like one.
  20. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    I agree with ya Shaun....When I saw the .ss23 he was carrying in the pic I thought, "Heck for all I know that could be the snpier."