This realy chaps my freaking hide!!!!!!

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    This realy chaps my freaking hide!!!!!!
    I bet if one of use got so much as accused of haveing a bullet in our sock the bail would have been higher. The world has gone nuts and the nuts are in charge!!
    I spent 3 yrs as an investigator for the state doing child abuse, child sex abuse case so this kinda hit home for me....seen people walk because kids are not crediable withness... Maybe Sara Brady and them should spend time geting locks put on scum like this...New Ruger wenie locks... As for me Id some dirt ball like this did this to one of my kids....welp lets just say Id be doing some ammo testing on a live target....

    Accused Child Sex Offender Released From Jail
    An Orlando man with a long history of sex crimes against minors has been released from jail on his latest charges.

    Police say 60 year-old David Carlton Nurmi used the internet to allegedly lure a 15 year-old boy. He was arrested on Friday and charged with 32 counts of sexual battery involving a minor. He was released from jail Friday night on a $5,000 bond. Orlando Police Spokesman Orlando Rolon says Nurmi has a history of sex crimes involving minors. Detectives armed with a search warrant found boxes of pornographic materials involving teenage boys, including magazines and photos inside Nurmi's apartment.

    Investigators also say they found 136 tapes of Nurmi engaging in sexual activity with minors. Friday's search was prompted after a teenager came forward saying Nurmi allegedly molested him over a year ago inside Nurmi's apartment. Detectives say the two had met in an internet chat room. Nurmi's last arrest was in 1988. Orlando Police says he was never required to register as a sex offender because that law didn't go into effect until October of 1997.

    Investigators are now documenting the evidence and say there could be more victims. Anyone with information is asked to call Orlando Police.

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    Gee, I hope nothing UNFORTUNATE happens to this fine, upstanding citizen or his property while he is out on his $5000 bail.

  3. Chris

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    Well I agree Klaus, I mean I hope everyone has their firearms stored and unloaded.

    This makes me angry at our goverment, and the lazy liberals
  4. wes

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    It makes me mad to hear this,they let guy's like this out,and keep someone who was caught with a "joint" in jail,then complain about jail overcrowding.
  5. BattleRifleG3

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    Um, what's the story? I seem to have missed it.
  6. Seems like to me that just MAYBE the Judge is smarter than we think.

    Perhaps, PERHAPS, he set bail so low as to allow the freakin'- no count-don't love Jesus-his underwear is dirty-cheap scum bag to walk in the path of a stray bullet?

    Could be.

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    The sad part is that a DUI or Domestic Violance charge would get you a higher bail amount...$5000 here in Florida means that with a bail bonds man he only had to put up 10%..$500 of $15.62 per time he molested a child (500 / 32 counts)... Less than $16 per time he raped a child....and only $3.67 .. for each of the 136 tapes of Nurmi engaging in sexual activity with minors... Assumeing a vedio tape is an hour long...This guy did not even get a bail amount equil to minium freaking wage. Less than $4 four dollars per tape of him haveing sex with children.... and if you read...arrested Friaday..bounded out Saturday... They should chain both this guy and the judge to the prison bathroom wall and make all the inmates take large does of viagra just so they can expeience what they have done to others....
    God this pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Sorry to rant...I know that the people on this board care about our country and this is like preaching to the church memeers... What floors me is that the news..papers tv ect and citizens are not freaking out about this... just went un noticed....
  8. JohnD

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    Yes some people are alive only because it is ilegal to kill them.
  9. BattleRifleG3

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    Still wish someone would share what the story is. I'm in the dark.
  10. Scums like this are the lowest. A man who attacks another man takes a chance. The victim just may win.

    A man who attacks women or children almost always wins, these sons of *****es go after the helpless. We as socitey need to get these sons of *****es locked up and not let them out.

    But now we are enlighted, TRANS-GENERATION sex is not all that bad. After all who does it really hurt? (How about the children, I am sure it hurts them) These **** liberal courts constantly are letting these sons of *****es back into our socitey so the can again victimize our children.
  11. Firemedic

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    Sounds like a candidate for the priesthood.
  12. Klaus

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    BattleRifleG3, are you saying that you can't read the first post in this thread? It gives the story.
  13. Calvin

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    The reality is that child sex offenders CANNOT be rehabilitated. They will keep doing it until they die, and no medication, therapy, group hugs, electric shock therapy, etc., will change them. I have seen exhausting interviews with a couple of sex offenders, and they are on a pre-determined course to be a repeat offender. I'm not offering excuses. I have 2 kids myself, and if one of these scumbags ever tried it with one of them, they would never make it to trial. But, facts are facts, and I think the punishment should fit the crime. If you rape a kid, you lose your nuts instantly, if not your life. Kids who are molested/abused are going to be a problem for the future society as they will be depressants, suicidal, or, God forbid, a sexual deviant themselves. The kids are the true victims here, and the government seems to turn a blind eye to them. Left up to me, anyone who abuses/molests a child will never have a second chance.

  14. BattleRifleG3

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    Ah, I see it now. Either it didn't work on my computer before, or I'm so stressed out over high math and science that I missed it.

    They call for less liberty for responsible people like us "for the greater good" yet are sooo concerned about the individual good of people who've done such outright sick things and have abused every liberty afforded to them. I hope his neighbors are packing hydrashoks and watching.