This was reported in the news.

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    This is so silly that it fits this form..

    Parole violators rounded up in sting

    Nashville, Tennessee-AP -- They were hoping for easy money -- but instead, they got a free ride to jail.

    Authorities say more than 60 parole violators were arrested yesterday after being tricked by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

    The T-B-I sent letters to two-thousand violators, offering them about one-thousand dollars of unclaimed money.

    When they showed up at a phony accounting office in Nashville, they filled out a form which investigators checked to make sure the warrants were still accurate.

    After confirmation, the violators were arrested.

    One person drove all the way from Philadelphia to claim his prize.

    More than 15 law enforcement agencies joined in the sting -- named "Gotcha."

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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Thank god most criminals are this stupid or else crime would really be rampent!