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  1. During a zombie outbreak, it could be used for long travel, its light, easy to handle with all the conventional biking stuff and if you get tired just switch it to electric power. Just be sure to have replacement batteries....Optibike - TFOT

    You know, it would be useful in many situations, not just a zombie outbreak.
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    I cant get the link to show anything....

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    hmm its like a super pedal bike/ electric moped lol good for 3 years or 30,000 miles.

    Looks pretty neat too,

    Id seriously consider one if it were not for the $12,000+ price tag.
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    Jeeze Louize - my KLR650 cost half that, and the remainder buys a LOT of gas, even at today's speculator-greed-padded prices. No thanks....
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    I thought about customizing a regular bike to do that. With ever-increasing gas prices, you could probably pay for it in a few months with the money saved, heh.

    Hell, you could probably do it yourself for $500-700 bucks, including the bike, lol (cheap motor and progressive controller from Ebay, and whatever brackets you need to make / have made to securely hold the motor somewhere. Hell, you might need even less. Id imagine your average person can do 25MPH on a flat stretch (for a good distance0 and puts out around .5-1HP for that. You can find (new) 2.5HP treadmill motors for like $25 on the web, which should allow probably 40MPH for many miles, and up to 50 at max power (your .5 plus the motor's 2.5). All you'd really need is a car battery for it, which you would charge in the evenings (or at work) when you got home. If you were crafty enough you'd rig up a small alternator which you could use to slow-charge the batter when going slower (cruising at 15-20MPH or so, using .125-.25HP on propulsion and around .25HP on the alternator), though it might not be necessary (not sure how long a 12v car battery could sustain the ~150 amps).

    I ride my bike about 2 miles to school, and I can beat my roommate to class with him in his car (he beats me to campus, but then he has to walk from the parking lot). It takes me about 9-12 (depending on mood and wind) minutes to make this trip, and I get up to around 25MPH, but of course get stuck at the same stoplights and crossings. If you could do 40MPH, you could easily make trips in town at about the same pace (or faster) as you could in a car, especially if you go during slow times when you can cross streets without waiting for the lights.

    Though, I honestly would simply want the lightest bike I could find. It is possible you won't be able to ride over every obstacle, so the ability to carry it would be invaluable. If nothing else, its simplicity (you could ride it into a lake and it would be just fine) would mean it will last longer than just about any other form of transportation.
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  6. It looks great, but you can get a double pedal, motorized trike that can be pulled by dogs for much cheaper. Put up a solar umbrella, and go. Bikes are coming back in style!
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    A regular cross country bike could be useful in situations where getting fuel for vehicles would be hard to impossible.
  8. I think any regular mountain mike would be better but that's just me. And considering the price. I can buy a lot of gas for that price!
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    All good ideas, but where does the cooler fit in?
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    I saw a home made one in "FarmShowMagazine" made from a weed wacker some bike wheels and other various scavanged parts laying round the shop, the coolest was the Homemade tracked vehicle useing some scrap metal, salvaged car parts and a pair of hydraulic motors and tracks fashoned from a pair of old tractor tires with the side walls cut out and run over 14" car wheels in total there were over 6 different ones featured in a year's time.