Those in Florida and along the Eastern Seaboard

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  1. As of now, it looks like it'll be breezy with a minimal chance of rain here.
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  2. chesterwin

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    Those along rivers and tributaries from central NC to the east, be aware there's a more than likely chance of flooding. Stay safe and aware.
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  3. shanebrews

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    It came in harder than the weather guessers had projected. I'm on the back side of it now, should be fully out of the area around noon. Peak winds of ~60 and over 3.5" of rain so far. The top of my maple tree snapped off and is hung up in some other limbs. Power went out twice. Okay now.
  4. Cyrano

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    New York
    We're still in the dangerous semicircle here in southeastern NY. So far, here at Chateau Cyrano we have had a couple of dead branches in the 3 inch range come down, and a couple of live ones in the 2 inch range likewise. Her Imperial Majesty had to chase down the plastic lid of the trash can enclosure down, and I anchored it in place with a 5 gallon water bottle so it won't go airborne.

    Uncle Paul has had a live branch I estimate at 4 inch diameter come down so far. Fortunately it did not hit anything.

    We've already lost power here. According to NYSEG, the whole town is without power because multiple big lines that feed the town are down due to wind. Thank goodness and the Dowager Empress, who lived through Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy with us and gave us a Christmas present of a full house generator. It is merrily roaring away outside the bedroom window. We have VOIP, internet, and cable TV, so life goes on. No idea when power will be restored; NYSEG is "still assessing the situation." According to Accuweather, the winds should die down around 10 PM tonight but should not get much worse than what we are seeing right now until this storm passes.
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  5. blue fox

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    Glad all are doing ok . The name of this storm sounds like something that would have fallen out of Jarjar Biggs's mouth.