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Those Mauser dudes are degrading our ladies!

Discussion in 'Mausers' started by paynetrain, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. paynetrain

    paynetrain G&G Newbie

    I just took a latenight stroll over into the redlight district AKA Mauser forums, and could not believe the utter disrespect for our lovely fairladies.
    They had the nerve to call them "Smelly,ugly , wh#%*s"! I almost cried at such sheer madness and disrespect. I had to run back over hear and thank goodness I made it out alive. Its absolutely disgusting over there.

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  2. 338RUM

    338RUM G&G Evangelist

    tell them to stand down range and see what our "whores" can do!!! LOL J/K
  3. Spinks8824

    Spinks8824 G&G Newbie

    my 3 will join the fight
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  4. Iron_Colonel

    Iron_Colonel G&G Enthusiast

    Both very respectable guns IMO. I think quality between the two are nearly equal. Pre-war production for MNs and Mausers as far as quality is probably close to the same. Not really rough edges, machining marks, etc. War time German production was little better as far as quality goes, but the MNs will still hold their end of the bargain and go bang every time. It's a never ending battle. Go Mosins and Go Mausers!
  5. 338RUM

    338RUM G&G Evangelist

    Mosins are cheaper!!!!!!!!!
  6. 22sniper

    22sniper G&G Newbie

    :censored::rant:they said what about my sweet Tatyana. my mauser always comes after my mosin.
  7. paynetrain

    paynetrain G&G Newbie

    You know I think mausers and mosins are both good rifles, but to sit back and listen to those pro mauser dudes call my honey a "smelly,ugly,whore" is enough to make me barf up the spam I just ate!:killemall:
  8. paynetrain

    paynetrain G&G Newbie

    Oh yes and they also said our babes were "nasty".I guess I was just so begiled I neglected to mention that part!:rant:
  9. 22sniper

    22sniper G&G Newbie

    i like my mauser but my mosin is simple and easy. atleast i can take apart the bolt on my mosin and still get it back together. and i really think the mosin is better. but i guess in the end they really are about even.
  10. paynetrain

    paynetrain G&G Newbie

    Dont givem an inch .22sniper or they will take a mile!
  11. 22sniper

    22sniper G&G Newbie

    im watching enemy at the gates right now and its got me fired up on this lol.
  12. Cyrano

    Cyrano Resident Curmudgeon Forum Contributor

    I think the Mosin sights are better, especially on the Model 1891 versus the Gewehr 98. The Mosin bolt is simpler to take apart, too. I'll stick with the Mighty Mosin, the longest serving military rifle in history, closing in on 120 years and counting!
  13. R5CYA

    R5CYA G&G Enthusiast

    just ask them which rifle helped thier country win the war?
  14. DefenderBob

    DefenderBob G&G Newbie

    Just discussing, not criticizing

    Between the Mauser and the MN, in no particular order:

    Which was the basic plan for our 03 and virtually all modern bolt action rifles?

    Which type of cartridge is stronger, rimmed or rimless?

    Which one is more often used in custom rifle projects?

    Which has a safety that actually is functional?

    Which one burns powder more efficiently without expelling a huge fireball when fired?

    Which has a bolt that is virtually identical and interchangeable for all varieties of the rifle which have ever been produced?

    For which one do we not have to worry about large ring or small ring or different length actions?

    Which one will function more reliably under the worst conditions with the least amount of cleaning (in other words, easier to maintain)?

    Which one was used in its original configuration during all the wars (large and small) of the 20th century and probably into this century?

    Which one is cheaper to throw away and replace rather than having smith work done on it?

    Which one is now available cheaper in great condition?

    Which one looks better?

    Which one is more fun to shoot?

    Which one has better ballistics?

    Which one is easier to get reloading supplies for?

    Which one will last longer with proper care?

    I think each type of rifle has some great attributes and some negatives, and each has been a great battle rifle. To me it just comes down to which one you prefer. I like 'em both, and I think each is worth having and shooting and passing along to future generations.
  15. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor

    "Which one burns powder more efficiently without expelling a huge fireball when fired?"

    M 91/30 !!
  16. Kaybe

    Kaybe G&G Evangelist

    What!? I don't see many Mauser fireball pictures in this forum, but quite a few Mosin fireballs! They are actually quite impressive. But, the Mosin's have the worst "dragon" breath of the two rifles. Ugly, smelly, nasty and have dragon breath. You always pay more for quality.
  17. franchi

    franchi G&G Newbie

    the way i see it is like this. you have the lee enfield aka red head britt, the mauser aka blond german and the mosin aka ugly street walker that is cheap and smells like cosmo,but gets the job done all the same.
    the mosin is a great rifle dont get me wrong. it will shoot after 3 trips to hell and back and wont fail and its cheap. but high quality ammo is hard to find, its kinda ugly, and is not as accurite as the mauser.the mauser is a fine piece of work in my opinion. its accurite, has a beautiful bolt that is smooth and has a good safety, most custom rifles and new bolt actions are based off the mauser, the feel of the gun is great, and it looks better. but the down sides are that its pricy, harder to find, and wont shoot with as much neglect as the mosin will.
    just my $.02
  18. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Need we remind the Mauser dudes it was the side with the Mosins what whipped Germany's butts?

    Well, with a little help with some Lee Enfield, Garands, M1 carbines, Tommy guns, Sten guns, Bren guns, etc.
  19. franchi

    franchi G&G Newbie

    ^but who came up with the mg42???
  20. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    That Mauser is a real "mans gun". ,,,sam.
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