Those must have been the days

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  1. BigEd63

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    By the prices given I'm taking a SWAG at the mid-late 70's???
    Has a Shotgun News look to it but I could be wrong.
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  2. jwrauch

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    Back in the late 60's a friend bought one. We had a lot of fun with it !!
  3. TXplt

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    Those were the days because we just walked onto airplanes, went with family to the gates, walked on to trains, and the only encumbrance towards getting into stadiums was giving the guy your ticket.

    The police state has not served us well; just been an excuse for marxism.

    With guns, (at least prior to the ammo runs) THESE are the days. Ya gotta remember back when I was a kid, houses maybe cost 5 grand, a car less than two, gas was 25c/gal. BUT your pay was commensurate with this (and 10 grand a year was really alot). So if you adjust the costs, ammo was never as cheap ever as it was a couple of years ago.
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  4. PaleHawkDown

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    Two clips? Good thing we have the internet these days to scream at people who use the term "clip" incorrectly. ;)
  5. PaleHawkDown

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    We used to go to the airport for fun in the '80s and '90s and sit in the airport watching planes.

    Lucky me, my first ever trip to actually fly on an airplane was the weekend after 9/11.
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    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    Late 60's, a local car dealer took home movies of his hunting trip to Alaska. We were a hour N.W. of Chicago. The movie showed him driving I90 through cornfields (long gone) and boarding the plane with his luggage which included his 30-06 in a soft side case.
  7. We did similar only from a different perspective... Had a regional airport nearby and they actually had a place to park maybe a couple of hundred yards from the end of the runway DIRECTLY in line with the landing lights. My Dad used to take us there (in the Country Squire station wagon no less) and when the jets flew over you could see the Pilots and smell the exhaust ... It was actually pretty scary in a fun way as a kid. That was back in the late 60's / early 70's.
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  8. Jaison

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    Found one of my Dad’s pay stubs from 1970. $121.00 per week. That was good money back then.
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  9. BigEd63

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    Speaking of flights July 1st 1998 was my last air flight and only one out of O'Hare Airport after helping my Aunt Lil an Cousin Jack move back to the Chicago area.
    At the metal detector took out everything metallic including my Swiss Army Knife.

    Went through and got the knife returned to me without a word or funny look.
    These days.......
  10. noelekal

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    Flew to England several times, beginning in 1994 carrying a Case Trapper in my pocket. Was a bit larger than my normal pocket knife and I did carry it along for ... just in case. The knife didn't run amok and neither I nor the airlines thought a thing about it.

    Not after 9/11 however.
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  11. 1966, I'm a high school junior. Bought a model 70 in 270 at the local Western Auto store. Walked 2 blocks down the main street carrying the unboxed rifle. Nobody noticed. During hunting season, many vehicles in student parking lot had shotguns in trunk. Nobody would think of improper gun use.
  12. rando

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    Two of my sons were raised mostly in West Virginia. I spent much time there myself and hunted many deer there. They shut down schools for two weeks for kids to deer hunt there. It is still like that to this day I believe. All kids usually hunt there.
  13. My story was from western NEW YORK. Note, no paper work, waiting periods or such. Hand the cashier cash and walk out door with rifle. Every hardware and sporting goods store had guns in racks accessable to customers, right next to the ammo.
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  14. SUBMOA

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    You all posted on lots of similar memories of times gone by that are of a better era that unfortunately we probably will seldom see again.
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  15. reverendg

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    It is sad. I remember in 1981 the American Gov’t teacher in my suburban high school would bring in his 6.5 mm Carcano to discuss the JFK assassination. He would have guys dry fire as fast as we could to test the conspiracy theories. Yep, in a high school, in suburban Detroit. Same school where when teachers got supplies or such they would ask “who has a knife” and a dozen hands went up. Nobody though it odd that young boys all had a pocket knife.
  16. ChaZam

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    That ad in post #1 has to be from several decades ago. I'll just toss out the fact that I have built some AR rifles and carbines in the $350 to $400 range in modern times before the world went crazy again due to the continuing attempted soft coup against DJT that escalated to the COVID pandemic followed by what might have been the most corrupt election of all times. So actually I'm not all that strongly swayed by a $229 AR ...
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