Thoughts on CCW sidearms

Discussion in 'CCW' started by Logansdad, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. Logansdad

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    :eek: Share your sage advice with us...:fuss: :rolleyes: :p :target: What are your thoughts on the subject ?
  2. Klaus

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    Light and thin, in pocket holster. IMHO, the most important concern is that the CCW be light and thin enough to comfortably carry for extended periods. Firepower is secondary. Reliability and accuracy are tied for 3rd and 4th place. I carry such a firearm almost constantly. If I actually expect trouble, I will go for a more powerful weapon and select clothing accordingly.

  3. Cyclops

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    For a long time, I carried a j-frame revo. I figured if I ever had to use it, it would just be a "gut shot" so I need realibility, simplicity and small. The j-frame is still in my carry rotation, but I've also added a USPc 9 and a G36.
  4. Ayteeone

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    Klaus, for this I have to disagree with you. Reliability is the first consideration for any weapon. If it doesn't work, what good is it?
    The bad guys don't care about your comfort...

    For CCW, it IS a good idea to pick one that you don't mind having attached to your body all day. Comfort is certainly a factor here. This is what drives the current proliferation of small pistols in big calibers...

    Mine is a 1911. It works, it hits, and I can (have) run it in my sleep. Keep in mind that handguns in general aren't all that powerful. The pundits claim that 70% of folks shot with them live.

    Find something that works for you. Buy a quality holster.