Threaded barrels, legality and function

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Sep 9, 2002.

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    FAC has extended threaded barrels for Glock pistols, $90. Anyone know if they function properly or if they're crrrap? Now I know all about silencer laws, but having a threaded barrel is just fine, though it's one out of five restricted features on a pistol just like flash hiders, bayo lugs, pistol grips, etc are on rifles. But there are different laws affecting imported rifles from domestic ones, and you presently can't even get an imported rifle that takes double stack mags, much less pistol grips or flash hiders.
    So would installing a threaded barrel cross the evil line? Or are pistols not under the same laws? HK Mark 23 Socoms seem to be coming in just fine with a threaded barrel, as do the USP tacticals, or am I mistaken?
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    i dunno, but i am curious as to why any one would put a dummy silencer on their pistols any way??? Fac sells those too.

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    Looks, and the increased weight may tame recoil. I'd want it for the longer barrel and possibly flash hiders or brakes. And freak engineering student that I am, I'm sure I'd make something neat to attach. Not sure what though.
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    There's also a ported tip for the threaded barrel but the combo (barrel & tip) has a higher price tag than the ported long barrel and they're all from FAC.
    I guess that the combo has more weight and the tip makes it look like the slide is longer.
    Aside from that tip and fake suppresor, I don't know why FAC made it because I don't know of any other accesories available for us the common mortals.

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