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Three Black Teens Beat Up White Teen On Florida School Bus

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by TNPIRATE, Aug 8, 2013.


    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    Well we have the PK and the Politicalsection, maybe a racial section should be called forlol I don't know if you would call this political or not, but what I call it is a disgrace.

    I heard about this last week on the Fox News one time. I guess now it is making it's media rounds. According to Fox News they said that the white boy was beat up because the black boys were tryin to sell him some pot. The white boy lived but not after getting 2 black eyes, and a broken arm.
    People are sayin the bus driver didn't do enough. But as an X school bus driver I can say that you are NOT allowed to lay a hand on the kids, no matter what they are doin. It seems the black boys stopped when the bus driver said something.
    What this video does NOT show is that the white boy got up to get into his seat after the beating, and the black boys started beating him again. That WAS shown on the Fox News this mornin.
    As far as I am concerned these 3 black boys need to be brought up on racial charges, hate crimes, assault, and attempted murder charges. You can already see that these 3 black boys are gonna be apart of the prison system as time goes on. And paid for by you and I the taxpayer.

    3 Kids Brutally Beat Another on School Bus, Driver Does Nothing // Mr. Conservative

  2. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    well, why isn't Sharpton, Jackson and Obama calling for protest and justice? oooops, wrong color. so why isn't the pale commoonity calling for justice and busing in protestors, why?

    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    Well I got it a little wrong. On the Fox News they are sayin that the white kid told on the black kids for sellin pot. Either way, 6 of one, half dozen of another. But the cops in Florida are NOT callin this a racial crime. Uuumm what else can ya call it? Three black kids poundin the chit out of a white kid?????
    And why hasn't anyone interviewed the school, as to see how actions such as this are going to be stopped? And no one is sayin whether or not the 3 black kids have been charged or not. I guess the state of Florida is goin chicken chit. If I am not mistaken this happened after the Zimmerman acquittal. So if that is the case then it could be called racial.

    And to answer you question about the white folks standin up and protesting. They/we are to passive. Almost to the point of being cowards. Afraid of the law, and the repercussions. The Blacks have been protesting since the 60's.

  4. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    We of the 'paler' demographic are not prone to mindless agitation and being led by the nose to violent protest like certain other demographics. We are 'raised better' I truly feel. Jesse and Al do their people no good at all by instigating racial bigotry and hatred, just to derive personal power and wealth at the expense of others.
    So by our relative silence, the black community takes it that we will not defend our own and they can run riot and commit violence against us at their will. Eventually they will run into a populace that is tired of this crap, and the paybacks will be pure Hell.
    If that was MY kid beaten by those animals, I would be getting 'payback' in one form or another. Legal if possible, otherwise if needs be. These animals need taught a harsh lesson. They WILL obey our societal laws and mores, or they WILL be punished severely. That time is coming, I guarentee.
  5. variolamajor

    variolamajor G&G Evangelist

    If you follow the video link back to Youtube it states this happened on July 9th - so it predates the verdict which was on the 13th. It also states that the chief of police criticized the bus driver for not intervening and that he retired 2 weeks later. If all the "kids" involved were minors that could "complicate" things as in many states the law deals with minors differently from adults.

    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    As far as I'm concerned it is still a beat down. Minor or not, I would even go as far as to call it gang violence. Any beat down where 2 or more are doin the beatin is a gang as far as I'm concerned. As for the school bus driver retiring 2 weeks later, can ya blame him? I drove a school bus for a year and a half in Broken Arrow OK, and 10 years in californication, I know what them little hoodlums can do. One little gal in Jr High School would always sit in the back of the bus with all the boys. I had to watch the video every night before I went home to catch her. She was showin her tadie tas to all the boys. Because I didn't catch her right off I almost got fired from my job. Then the parents are a joke, their precious little angels can do no effin wrong at all. I had one kid threaten to kick my knee cap off. I told him if he was feelin frogy to go ahead and jump. Almost got fired for that one too. Video tape saved my arse and my job.

    Maybe the driver could have done more, maybe not. It depends on state law and federal law. Both state and fed regulate school bus drivers. And guaranteed if the driver would have grabbed those kids by the nap of the neck and started throwin bodies he would have been brought up on charges, and sued, along with the school district. And some years ago within 3 years there was an elderly woman school bus driver beaten by a bunch of innocent hoodlums. She was beat so bad she was in the hospital. Immediately following she quit. The majority of school bus drivers are elderly and older folk. The job brings in about 1000 bucks a month. They drive because it supplements their income a bit.

    Here's one for ya. I had the boy friend of mom get on the bus one time to get the moms daughter off the bus. He marched passed me like his chit didn't stink. What he did was and is against the law. When I told him to get off my bus he wanted to get all bowed up at me. I repeated myself, and he started comin toward me. A bus driver has no weapons. When he started marchin to the back of the bus when he first got on I undid my seat belt and unlatched the fire extinguisher. Yeah, he's an adult, I have no weapon, so I will use what is available.
    Besides that was in the back country of the town of Atascadero Californication. One San Luis Obispo County Sheriff patrols out there on his normal route. If he is already out of the area it is a good 20 to 30 minute wait for any LEO to get out there. And if it comes to law enforcement the Sheriff will NOT touch a school bus, they call the California Highway Patrol, who is the major power when it comes to the school bus. The Sheriff will dispatch the situation, but will wait for the Highway Patrol to get there to handle the report.

    When it comes to a bus accident the Sheriff will dispatch, along with EMT/Fire. Situation under control. The next ones on the scene are Highway Patrol. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE touches the bus, nor messes with anything on the bus until the Highway Patrol gets there. The Highway Patrol then does their report and if need be starts pullin the bus apart to find out to cause of the accident. This is because YOU AS THE BUS DRIVER carries a CDL with passenger endorsement.
    People DO NOT realize just how much BS a school bus driver has to go through to haul a bunch of screamin kids from home to school and then from school to home again.

    You want to hear about the little mesican Jr High kid whose parents were wet backs that tried molesting a kindergärtner girl? Almost got a lawsuit over that one. Because I moved him to the front seat where I could keep an eye on him. His parents claimed discrimination. But the kid hung his own arse in and at the school he attended. And was caught by a teacher.

  7. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist

    no matter how many different threads you post about race wars,blacks beating whites
    you are still not going to turn me into a racist.
    jerkoffs come in all flavors
  8. irishbrian

    irishbrian G&G Newbie

    This is disgusting 3 -15 year olds on one 13 year old. and black people call us racist. And the bus driver did NOTHING he should be charged to. If I was that driver a would of stopped it if the kid was white OR black because no one deserves a beating like this and this happens in Florida on a Daly bases. Thugs like this unfortunately give good law bidding black citizens a bad name. It's very sad. It's stuff like this that ends in some innocent black kid getting hurt or killed like travon marten god rest his soul. Or that other kid in Jacksonville I think that was wrong to that kid should never have been shot. But kids like this paint a stereotype on all young black men. It has to STOP before more young black and white kids get killed. Someone has to do something before its to late. Violence breads violence. This really saddens me.

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    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    Ain't tryin to turn anyone into a racist. Just pointin out that there is to much race baitin goin on. Besides if I was a racist I wouldn't be livin where I do with a black woman livin almost next door to me, and just across the way from my house. Not to mention the street just up the road from me. The town I now live in at one time was primarily black.
    So if I was a racist I sure wouldn't be in this town.

  10. White Rook

    White Rook G&G Evangelist

    Wanting EQUAL rights in the eyes of the Law, doesn't make you a racist...Giving Special Rights to some of our citizens because of their skin color is JUST WRONG..I'm far from a racist. My children are Bi-Racial and my Grandsons are Bi-Racial. I don't judge someone by the color of their skin. There are good and bad people of every color...
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    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    What you have to remember is that there are a lot of laws and rules for school bus drivers. Not to mention the schools too. You are basically at the mercy of a two way radio until someone gets there. These kids know the people in the schools CAN NOT touch them. That is why all buses are now equipped with video cameras. A video camera saved my arse more than once. You can't even take a kid by the arm to move him to a front seat on the bus. If you even to that there is a lawsuit by the parents. They sue the school and the driver.

  12. Seabeescotty

    Seabeescotty G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    This isn't pushing racism by a LONG shot! It is just another example of how white people of ALL ages are being harmed by RACIST black people! They can scream all they want about US doing bad things, but the facts are there in BLACK and WHITE! The PC gummint has made all of US targets of of those black people who apparently HAVEN'T been raised to respect the law or anything else! They take FULL advantage of the fact that WE aren't allowed by the PC gummint to cry out that it is racist whenever THEY harm a white kid or adult by beating them almost to death, or shooting them simply because they are WHITE! This is an abomination of all the laws of THIS nation, giving those hoodlums the okay to do as they please when it comes to dealing with people of other races! The laws need to be changed, anbd if WHITE folks can commit race crimes, BLACK people are just as ABLE to do the same thing! And ol' Al and Jesse make sure to stir them up GOOD, so that more and more of these crimes occur and ARE THEIR responsibility! Al and Jesse need to be SUED EVERY TIME there is a black on white crime!
  13. ctreser

    ctreser G&G Addict Forum Contributor

    My question is. What would be said if it was 3 whites on a black child. This should go both ways but unfortunately it does not.
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  14. variolamajor

    variolamajor G&G Evangelist

    My post was merely to add some clarity to the situation - not judge it. I must confess a bit of irony as to how this thread seems to have migrated to "race" as the original story link never mentions race in either the story or the headline. Further - the story itself centered around the bus driver's lack of response - not race. As noted previously by yourself - this incident was apparently in response to the victim "outing" one of the attackers for attempting to sell drugs. One might venture that those engaged in the drug trade might "frown" on those who would expose their activities to authorities - and take action accordingly. In another article on the incident by CNN - it states:

    "According to Pinellas County school policy, the bus driver isn't required to intervene, only to call dispatch. He can step in, if he feels it's safe."

    which goes to your point that some drivers are prohibited from intervention. Apparently in this case he could have but chose to merely report the incident to dispatch.
  15. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I don't give a chit about the laws! If I was a bus driver and three, 15 year old's were pounding the chit out of a 13 year old, I'd stopped the bus and intervened! What if the thugs would have killed that boy? How could you live with yourself? This happens way too often! Apparently, Whites are now expendable!
  16. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Don't pay no mind to billy. He's from a different planet than the rest of us. I believe it's Zambodia........

    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    Well I will go out on a limb here and it may break and my craddle come tumblin down. But I thought Billy moved to Texas. I've been to Texass, never was impressed with it. The shortest distance between state line to state line is across the pan handle, the only way to golol. Anything ya have to log 2.5 days of drivin is to biglol And talk about their welcome sign, it says, "Drive Friendly The Texas Way". In the many times I have crossed that state I ain't seen anybody drive friendlylol And talk about Boarder Patrol check points. I use to get on the CB and call em check point charlieslol Of course my dog did his part to mess up the Boarder Patrol guard dogs. My little Jack Russell Terrorist would see their dogs and start barkin and raisin holy hell. Well that would get the Boarder Patrol dogs in an up roar and they would have to put their dogs uplol

  18. Rambo

    Rambo G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    If I were being beaten up by 3 guys, the color of their skin would be the last thing I would be worrying about. It would probably be the first thing, and last, I remember though.

    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    Well I didn't take it that way of thinkin that you were bein judgemental. I do get a little upset when we see these type actions more and more, and what is seemin on like a daily basis now. And the angry typin comes along and I get my fingers all tangled up in the keyboardlol

    Why after 11.5 years do ya think I got out of drivin a school buslol I went to haulin frieght that didn't talk back to youlol Nice quiet loads runnin across the countrylol

  20. SKS NOOB

    SKS NOOB G&G Evangelist

    IF this is the case where the one kid told on the 3 others for selling drugs, then him getting the crap beat out of him is the USUAL response for any race selling drugs. Unless you are in mexico. Then you are liable to have yer head cut off......or hands.... or both.... and your family's. OF course, these were just kids, right?
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