Three people have been shot dead

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    Three people have been shot dead and at least one other was wounded after a gunman opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport, at the ticket counter for Israel's El Al Airlines. The gunman was one of those killed. He was shot by El Al security personnel. Another person was stabbed in the incident.
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    Sorry for the loss, apparently El Al are properly trained.

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    It doesn't seem to make much sense,shooting up a ticket counter,unless the act was designed to make us spend a lot more money to have instesd of a sterile area but have a sterile airport.You know that will cost a bunch and also untold headaches to accomplish at all of them.
    Aside from that I don't see the point,unless the man was a fanatic of some sort,or just plain mad.
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    Supposedly the guy had a semiauto pistol, a FULL auto pistol, lots of ammo, and possibly even handgrenades. Sure sounds like a terrorist to me.