Throwback Pepsi :)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by big shrek, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. big shrek

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    Ok, I just grabbed one of these at the local store for giggles & grins...

    I had totally forgotten how good REAL sugar tastes in a soda!!! :hail:

    With flavor like that, why on earth are we using HFCS in our drinks??
    What is the purpose of giving sugar subsidies to farmers when they should be selling it to soda companies???

    Tell ya what, I'll allow illegal aliens into the USA if they'll EACH just bring me a case of Real Sugar Coca-Cola each ;)
    (Mexico still uses real sugar in their cokes ;) )
  2. grizcty

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    Was it Pepsi or Coke?

  3. Spooky.45

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    ever since i had my first mexican coke ive been hooked, like seriously im like a crack head with this stuff, when the gas station down the road finally started to carry them now i go in there twice a week to stock up
  4. PAPA G

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    i would say the reason is the bottom line. all the big bottlers use corn syrup for a reason, and i think its cost.

    as for me i do not care, i cannot use high sugar anything being diabetic:irked:
  5. texnmidwest

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    If one goes to the Dr. Pepper plant in Dublin Texas one can buy Dr. Pepper made with Imperial sugar. I agree, it tastes MUCH better than the other stuff!

    But, Like Pappa G, I don't do sugar sodas anymore. Too strong a history of family diabetes.
  6. FN FAL

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    High Fructose Corn Syrup was developed and a demand had to be created to make a costly energy wasting product to produce become a gold mine of profit. Two corporations in particular ADM and AE Staley, two of the worlds largest HFCS producers got the US government to enact sugar tariffs on imported sugar as it was very cheap and plentiful. With real sugar to expensive for commercial use in products produced in the US at least, the real pushers of the tariffs, ADM and AE Staley co. were guaranteed to make billions.

    Another big drawback to HFCS is that it contributes to obesity. The body can deal with real sugar fairly easily. HFCS on the other hand confuses the human body and in the wider scope of things basically entices the body to produce and store more fat. From beginning to end HFCS has been a bad product pushed onto the US market by greedy companies and corrupt politicians.

    I don't care much for cola but I am a fan of Dr.Pepper and for awhile at least they were offering a real sugar version of Dr.Pepper. Of course its been many years since I have had a real sugar glass pop bottle Dr.Pepper to know what it was really supposed to taste like and the new version in cans seems to taste almost an over grossly too sweet of a taste to me at least. Maybe that was done to keep people going for the HFCS version.

  7. Cyrano

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    New York
    You are absolutely correct, Papa G. High Fructose Corn Syrup, at the time is was introduced, cost substantially less than pure white cane sugar. Replacing sugar in sodas with HFCS increased the soda manufacturers' profits while decreasing their costs.

    Thing is, the human body can't process HFCS effectively. It tend to be converted and stored as fat instead of giving you a temporary boost in energy while being burned off. Sugared sodas aren't all that good for you in the quantities our culture consumes them. However, compared to HFCS sodas - which is almost all of them - sodas made with white sugar are almost healthy!

    Look at class pictures of a bunch of fourth-graders from 1960. You'll usually see a bunch of skinny kids with one or two chubby ones. Then look at class photos of fourth graders of today. 80% of them will be chubby, 15% of them will be skinny, and 5% of the kids will be obese.

    Some people say it's because today's kids are sitting on the couch with their Nintendo games instead of being outside playing as kids of my generation did. I'll agree that's a factor, but a very minor one. The biggest factor in my opinion is the pervasiveness of HFCS in the American food chain.

    The stuff is everywhere, not just in soda pop. If you read the labels on baked goods, you'll find it lurking in the background. Some makers of french fries spray it on the fries before cooking to give their fires that golden brown color we all love. It turns up in some sausage recipes. You can find it in cheap table syrups that mimic real maple syrup. You find it in bubble gum, even!

    I knew HFCS's penetration of the food chain was bad, but I never realized how far it has gone until I watched the Oscar-nominated documentary King Corn. If you can get a copy of this movie, clear a couple of hours some evening and watch it. If you care about your health and the health of your friends and family at all, I guarantee you will be horrified.

    If we want to eat healthier, one of the first things we have to do is ban high fructose corn syrup. As far as I am concerned, that stuff is poison; and it's poisoned two generations of Americans. Oh sure, we need to wise up and eat healthier in general - more lean meats, more good salads (sidebar: Why is it so hard to find premade salad fixings at the supermarket that don't have bitter greens like romaine lettuce in them? I hate romaine lettuce!) with chicken, eggs and cheese in them and dressings that aren't liquid cholesterol, more fresh raw veg in general and lots less starches - but we also need to get the poison HFCS out of our food supply. Perhaps then we'll see a lot fewer people wheezing down the street with wobbling hams and pendulous guts who look like they escaped from the sideshow at the carnival.
  8. Archetype_wyo

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    Essentially this is an easy way to think about it::

    Real Sugar Molecules........HFCS Molecules
    O O............................... OO

    The body can break down sugar like that *snaps fingers*, but because HFCS molecules are bound together it takes a whole 'nother process just to break apart the molecules thus slowing your digestive process and eventually your metabolism too.
  9. ChaZam

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    A chiropractor friend of mine who 1st had a degree in nutrition will adamantly tell anyone who will listen that of all the sweeteners sugar is the safest. He contends that the rampant increase of both diabetes and gross obesity are the result of all the sugar substitutes and the confusion that they cause in the digestive system and metabolism. HFCS is not good and Aspartame and those other substitutes are even worse. He told me not too long ago that the incidence and severity of diabetes will double in the next 20-30 years and that both the AMA and the FDA know that the cause is these sugar substitutes. Just google aspartame and see what it turns up.
  10. thats actually the coke

  11. Huey Rider

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    I use honey as a sweetner when I need one which is seldom as I try to stay away from too much added sugar. HFCS is a KILLER.
  12. BarryHalls

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    I stopped buying all Pepsi products when they started throwing millions of dollars at defeating traditional marriage. :dead1:
  13. BarryHalls

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    HFCS is simply refined corn syrup but still liquid. It IS 99.999% pure sugar, but it has that hint of corn rather than that hint of cane. But, yes, sugar is bad for us in the quantities we consume it.
  14. I don't like Pepsi.....but I am a Mt. Dew I am chillaxing right now with my Throwback Dew...and it's Gooooooooooood!
  15. Actually while not in glass bottles, Wallyworld sells the Imperial Sugar sweetened Dr Pepper at least they do around here much better than that other junk but I don't drink much pop anyhow these days.
  16. Chris

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    Pepsi is extremely anti-gun, especially handgun. So decide if you want to support them on that or not.

    I have been switching to 100% water. It's harder to do at first...but cheaper on the wallet as well as healthier.
  17. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    and +1

    I try to stay up on what companies I can't support morally.

    I had been switching to all water and unsweetened iced tea, which is actually healthy (TONS of antioxidants, which help prevent cancer, fight aging, and increase stamina recovery), but lately I've fallen pray to bargain colas, which have been surprisingly tasty, at $0.66 for a 2 liter. Not healthy, but I can't pass that up.
  18. I like unsweetened tea too, water on occasion (iced that is) coffee and of course far more beers than is good for me I spose. I really don't drink much pop anymore every now and then I get a craving but since most of my old favorites taste nothing like they did when I was a kid I am always disappointed.
  19. Twitch2120

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    i lost 50 pounds when i stopped drinking soda. really. i went form 2-3 sodas per day in highschool. (250 lbs) to drinking drinking water, sweet tea (made with sugar) and juices (non sweetened) in college. sitting alright at 200 lbs. didnt do anything else to my diet or excercise. infact i probably do less than when i was in hgih school. still playing games and still sitting on my postierior
  20. About 2 month's ago I started brewing black tea. It seems to quench my thrist from being outdoors from mowing or working on something. The Heat index has averaged 115 degrees here.

    It seems to be colder than water and it pretty tastey. I've cut back on drinking Coke and am drinking more water.