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    I'd like to tighten my shooting groups. I hear people all the time talking about how tight their grouping is at the range. 1/2", 3/4".... On a good day I can get a gouping under 2" so how is everybody getting their sub 1" groups? What kinds of modifications are you doing to your guns? How are you shooting your guns? When I go out it's just me, my gun, and a box. It just seems that there's too much room for human error to constantly be plugging groups under 1". Slight raise of the head, flinch, jerked the trigger, gun resting hand movement, differences in handloads.

    I can see where getting a shooting rest would help but then I don't plan on packing a shooting rest into the mountains to hunt so it doesn't seem worth while to get one. So that leaves gun alterations. What would you recommend doing to a gun to get the goups a bit tighter?

    After making some modifications I'll hit the range again to work on the grouping. If that doesn't work then I'll conceed that I just suck and stick with my 2" groups, heh heh.
  2. Tooly,

    I think when most refer to a 1/2" group that's some exageration. Seriously.

    If anyone could shoot 1/2" groups....consistantly or constantly....with ANY rifle....at as little as 100 yards they would be in Rifleman magazine.

    I know the major rifle manufacturers are constantly looking for that talent and I don't see anyone in here saying, "Read my range report in Rifleman and Guns and Ammo".

    If I were to get 5 inch groups at 100 yards I would be happy.

    Most of us are older and as age creeps in there goes the eyes....there goes the 'touch', etc.

    I'm not saying 1/2" groups at 100 yards are impossible. I'm just saying if you can get consistant 5" groups at 100 yards.....be happy.

    If you can't, get a rifle made for precision shooting.

    I for one don't have that kind of rifle.

    I figure if I ever have to deploy I just want to know I can get kill groups in the center of mass. I won't be shooting at heads....too dang much room for error, even with hand loaded ammo, let alone factory ammo and some of the cheap chit out there.

    Even the snipers in my old department practiced almost daily....some with Sako.......some with Remington 700 BDL.....some with custom made guns....and I never seen 1/2" groups on a daily basis. They strived for two inch groups and you knew it when they did it.....they told everyone! :)

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    And I was dissatisfied with my 1.5" group at 120 yds.
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    Tight groups is what we all strive for, but so seldom achieve, at least to what degree we want. Out of about thirty rifles in my collection, I have two that could give consistent 1/2" groups if all conditions are perfect. That's not to say that I can shoot that well. It might take me forty or eighty rounds to get a true half-inch group - it would be a fluke. That's off a bench in good weather. In the field, or off a truck hood, I'll settle for "minute-of-varmint".
    Often, the modifications to get a benchrest rifle to shoot that tight group would be detrimental in a hunting rifle. I wouldn't want to lug around a fifteen pound rifle in the woods. And I wouldn't use a seven pound hunting rifle in competition shooting.
    Best thing is to study the guns used in the kind of shooting you want to do. Go to the range, and see what the guys are using. You'll be able to see which ones know what they're doing, and find out what they've done to their rifles.
    With a good hunting rifle in the field, shooting off-hand or braced against a tree, that 2" group isn't at all bad. Well within "minute-of-deer". :cool:
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    I'm happy with my 4.1/2 inch group at 50 yards shooting slugs with my 20inch mossberg 500 smooth bore with clamp on rifle sites.
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    Tightening your groups

    If I were to see someone shooting and see the targets afterward.....of 1/2 groups. Then I would believe it! And I can bet it wouldn't be with a "factory" rifle. I can only get "passing" tight groups with one rifle I own. My Marlin 22 WMR bolt action. And that 's at 75 feet with a scope and using a rest. In those conditions, I can get a group the size of a quarter. But standing up, using only the sling for steadying and shooting at 100 yards outdoors.......that's a whole different ball game. I'm happy if I can get a 5 inch group. Anyone that can take a higher caliber....with it's recoil, flinching, natural body movement and consistently put the bullet in a real tight group at that range....with a factory equipped rifle..... needs to be in shooting competition as a living!

    Just mho.