Tikka Mounts?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by calaper, May 13, 2008.

  1. calaper

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    Hi all,

    I believe that when i pick up my tikka hunter later this week it should come with free mounts...not sure if this is correct but what i do want to know is how do their mounts perform?

    Are these mounts of good quality and can they handle being knocked around while keeping their zero? I haven't heard anything about their mounts so please let me know what you all think.


  2. turner

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    I purchased a Tikka 695 (25/06) about 5 yrs ago that I had to purchase rings for. I got Millets and was completely satisfied with them. I got a T-3 SS/Lam (300WSM) about 3 yrs ago and seems like it came with matching SS rings. I mounted a nice Zeiss scope on it and it was a very nice package. The rings were/are very sturdy. Tikka's system is similar, if not identical to Sako's, a milled receiver and the rings will fit directly onto it, no bases needed. This, I think is the best type of scope mounting system for a hunting rifle. Ruger and the T/C Icon are other rifles using a similar idea, not requiring bases, only rings. I'm not a big fan of the Icon, but it's system with multiple slots, piccatinny and Weaver style both front and rear are very user friendly allowing a wide choice in scope size and mounting.

  3. SwedeSteve

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    You'll love the Tikka rings!
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    I think the Tika ones are fine as long as they come with the gun and they are the right height for your scope. They are not a standard mounting system, and if they don't come with the gun (or are not right height), you will have to find some Tika style rings to use.

  5. calaper

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    So i can expect to place a scope directly on top of my rifle without having to buy rings or bases? Tikka supply me with everything with exception of the scope?

    I had to see what you thought about their mounts because i heard a fella in the shop who said it wouldn't hold a zero on his scope. I shouldn't expect the same if i use their rings?
  6. Most mounts will hold zero well if not knocked around.Tikka make good gear,just make sure you get a scope of the right size for the mounts.And check the eye relief so you can get it in the right spot on top without having to crank your neck/head foward or backwards.
  7. calaper

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    Cheers murphy, I'm hoping to receive my permit tomorrow or Friday. I'll get them to bore sight it and sort out the eye relief. I thought the mounts would be ok just wanted to be sure.

    Thanks again
  8. turner

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    My set-up was very secure and held zero fine. I would suppose it may well have been a less than perfect scope in that other report. The Sako/Tikka system has been around for quite some time and I think they have got it down pat.
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    Hey Calaper I just picked up my T3 Hunter .243 yesterday and it has rings in the box. the front ring has a pin that fits in the hole on top of the action.
  10. SwedeSteve

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