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  1. Dailey

    Dailey Guest

    In the registration time selection there should be a option for those of us living in Az. We don't have daylight savings time here so we switch between Mountain Standard and Pacific times. It doesn't affect anything on the forum, but it would be PC. :D
  2. Chris

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    You do not have Daylights Saving time? You lucky guy!!!

    I hate it. Wait, you must have Daylight's Saving time as the whole world is on this type of time, if I am not mistaken.

  3. Dailey

    Dailey Guest

    Arizona does not change to Daylight Savings Time. We enjoy the fact that we do not have to wake up at 2:00AM Sunday morning(spring and fall) and change the clocks forward or back. It does however cause some confusion when you are calling a loved one in one of the other time zones throughout the USA.:p
  4. taras

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    It's Not so bad!!

    :p Not the whole world is on it. Sasketchewan isn't. With them being an hour behind, and I used to only live 16 miles from the nearest Sasketchewan town it was useful.
    I could sit in my local watering hole til closing, then within 20 mins. be in Sask. well ahead of last call! :)
  5. You lucky dawg Tara....you lucky dawg!

    Only problem with not changing here in Arizona is it gets dark by 8-8:15PM in the summer....bummer...especially fer us boaters....oh well....yepper.
  6. jerry

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    As far as US i believe some parts of Indiana and Hawai don't play as well.
  7. MangesMade

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    My GrandPa wouldn't never change his clocks, always said those polititians can't change the time, and they never went to the Moon either.