Time square bomber sentenced today

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    Today the time square bomber was sentenced in New York. He sentence was three life terms to be served consecutively plus twenty years. Think the judge was trying to make a statement? He used his opportunity to address the court before sentencing to rant that he was glad he did what he did and that Muslims would not rest until they had destroyed America and we are all infedels because we are not Muslims. Just in case you don't know this dirtbag was an American citizen. He said he lied when he took the oath. He is going to a Federal prison out in Colorado to serve his sentence. I am praying that I will read in the paper soon that he was rapped to death by some big guy named Bubba. If yo want to read the exact qoutes as to the vile crap that came out of his mouth see if you can find the New York Post article from today. It will make you want to shot this dirtbag youself when you read it.

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    New York
    Michael, more likely he's bound for the big Supermax prison the Bureau of Prisons has out in Colorado.

    If the prison bureaucracy were to put that fool into the general population, how many hours do you think he'd last? Even if they were to put him in Punk City (more properly, protective custody, aka solitary confinement), the ******* still has to be fed. Curiously, as a class prisoners tend to be very patriotic. They take a dim view of people who try to blow up innocent civilians in their country. How hard do you think it would be to get to the trusty or the cook who dishes up the portions and poison the tray intended for the Times Square Bomber? And were that to happen, how hard would the prison authorities look to find the conspirators who did it?

    Now that a Federal judge has insured the ******* will never again breathe free air, they have an obligation to keep him alive. In order to do that, they have to keep him totally isolated. The most effective way to do that is to throw the bum into a cell in the Supermax for 23 hours a day, interacting with no one, and taking his solitary exercise in a space big enough to let him toss a basketball through a hoop, run a few steps or pace endlessly for an hour a day, and leave him there until he rots.

    The lack of human contact drives most of the Supermax prisoners over the edge into insanity in about a year and a half; either that, or it breaks their spirits to the point they can be removed to a mere maximum security prison and safely reintegrated into the general population. The federal government has no real provisions for death sentences. But in the case of the Times Square Bomber, locking him up in a Supermax cell and forgetting about him seems far more appropriate. Perhaps he'll kill himself. If he does so, it's good riddance to bad rubbish and we can smile as we imagine him dropping into the lake of fire in Gehenna.

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    This terrorist, should be hung by a pig skin rope!

    Waste of taxpayers $, to keep him alive.
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    Yeah I know he will be in protective custody but I guy can hope can't he!:chairshot:

  5. Bob Clark

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    Three consecutive life sentences plus 20 years. Now, imagine what they would have done to the ******* had he actually killed somebody...
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    Cyrano. I find it disturbing how many prisoners in our "corrections" system are converting to Islam. This self proclaimed liar and attempted murderer, aka Terrorist, may find sympathy within the system.
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    Its only the tip of the ice berg fellas only the tip . These people are gonna push to far and then ......... the good ol boys take charge .
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    This is good news that he will be locked up for the rest of his pathetic life.

    My concern is, how many others out there are just like him? Either planning already or getting ready to start planning? How many might be streaming across our southern border as we speak?

    Personally, I'd like my kids to grow up in a country free of Islamic beheadings and car-bombs.
  9. Sober

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    Oh you already know he will. I have 2 friends that were preching that islamic garbage when they got out of the clink( one was black and the other well he is just nuts). I had to remind them that they were NOT Muslim and to quit preaching that crap to me. Took a while but eventually both of em knocked that stuff off. I swear those **** muslims are trying to convert all our prisoners even. IT WILL NEVER END! I find it humorous that these hardened criminals go to prison and find "Islam" and then start to preach "Peace of all things" and take this so called non violent path.
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  10. Sober

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    Oh and I hope they feed that ******* pork for every meal for the rest of his life!
  11. Ten Man

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    This case is the quintessential example of why the Death Penalty should be mandatory for any conviction of a crime that resulted in an innocent death.

    Why should "we the people" foot the bill for the care and feeding of scum bags like this, for the rest of their lives?

    There are many pragmatic reasons for the Death Penalty, which by the way should be imposed within ONE WEEK of conviction. All Death Penalty Executions should be broadcast publicly for the following reasons:

    1) No more taxpayer dollars wasted on the scum.
    2) Prevention of their commission of future crimes, in or out of prison.
    3) Less prison crowding, and lower prison costs.
    4) Fewer lawyer fees paid to endlessly appeal the convictions.
    5) Deterrent effect of would-be criminals.
    6) "Closure" for the victim's families.
    7) National notoriety as a nation that does not tolerate felony killing.
    8) Court dockets de-cluttered.
    9) The restoration of the concept of Justice in this nation.

    I don't see any down side to instituting a mandatory death penalty for all 50 states and Federal jurisdiction.
  12. PAPA G

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    just wait they are going to demand a 100% Islamic prison of their own, Muslim guards staff, their own Iman, etc. the ACLU will fight for them.
  13. Cyrano

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    New York
    Don't hold your breath looking for an opportunity for the wack job to find sympathy within the system, chester. ADX Florence is not like anything seen before in the American penal system, despites its sobriquet of "the Alcatraz of the Rockies." The purpose is neither rehabilitate nor to warehouse. Its purpose is to punish by social isolation and break the spirit of those confined there to a degree that a penologist like Saltwater Johnson of Alcatraz would never have dared to attempt back in the days when The Rock was the American prison system's Devil's Island and no one had any sympathy for those sent to serve time there.

    In the old days of the silent treatment on The Rock, prisoners still could communicate with each other in whispers. They were marched to and from the mess hall, the exercise yard and prison industries. Despite a guard-to-prisoner ratio of 1 to 3 rather than the more usual 1 to 15 or 20, the prisoners whispered in line, in the yard, and between cells, even passing notes. They could see up and down the corridors using the metal mirrors provided so they could shave. They could see the cons on the opposite side of the aisles. There were not totally isolated from human contact. Solitary confinement was a feared punishment worse even than the regular Alcatraz routine.

    The purpose of a Supermax prison is to break the spirit of the inmates imprisoned in it. The cells are designed in such a way that there can be no contact between prisoners. There is a space equal in area to the square footage of each cell in front of it, with a barred wall and door like something out of an Old West jail dividing the cell in half. On the corridor side, there is a solid steel door with a small window of thick glass in it. The barred door and the solid door are never open at the same time. The window slits in each cell's outside wall do not open and allow a view only of the sky. The prisoners are fed in their cells by the guards; there are not trusties the way there are in other prisons to perform responsible chores. The guards don't speak to the prisoners except to give them orders. There is no way for the prisoners to communicate with each other. The prisoners are kept in their cells 23 hours a day. When they are moved to a small indoor exercise area for an hour to exercise, they do so alone. Going to and from the exercise area, they are cuffed and shackled so they must shuffle along and can't raise their arms. They are kept to the middle of the corridor so they can't look into the other cells. You could have a Muslim religious fanatic and a Christian religious fanatic living next to each other and they would never know it, because a great deal of work has gone into making the cells soundproof. A great deal of thought and design work has gone into ADX Florence so the prisoners do not even know where they are in each cellblock or where the cellblock is in relation to anything else in the prison.

    The Supermaxes of the state prison systems and ADX Florence are several generations beyond the reclusion cells and the silent regime Henri Charriere described in Papillon. At least there, the prisoners were seen by a doctor once a week, had their hair cut by an inmate barber once a month and were occasionally addressed by the guards even though total silence was the rule and the prisoners did not leave their cells. They have one purpose and one purpose only: to punish the worst of the worst in the Federal prison system. I've read that the typical Supermax prisoner cracks up after 15 to 18 months of this kind of treatment.

    Man is a social animal and most humans regardless of culture find it impossible to live without some sort of social contact. The Supermaxes are more typically used to break the spirits of troublesome prisoners, who are subsequently pathetically grateful to be transferred back to the general population of even a maximum security prison after spending a couple of years in a Supermax under the conditions and regime there. If that is in fact where the Bureau of Prisons has sent the Times Square Bomber to serve his sentence, the chances are that he will leave ADX Florence in a box before too many years go by. And serve him right!