Time to have a little talk with the wife...

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    We went to a gun show today; the Mrs. wanted a thicker butpad for her sks so as to minimize the kick. While she was there she bought a scope and mount also for her gun from the same vender. He had a nice kit/combo for 40$.

    She let me spend some money too. I picked up an old dirty ammo box for $3. Next time I'll go by myself.
  2. Oxford

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    That's called 50/50 in women's talk.(ha) Hope the old dirty ammo box cleans up. It may be worth more than the $3 you paid. At least your wife will go with you to the show. I suspect that's more than most wives would do.

    Oxford:nod: :D


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    My wife goes to the shows with me and watches me buy guns. Then afterwards asks me where I got the money. I always have to tell a little fib that I took a cash advance on a credit card. I hide my money.
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    This is what we call "A good problem to have"
  5. Pha,

    That little 'give' will come back around to you times over and didn't it feel good to allow her to feel good? You bet!

    We who have wives who take part in our addiction, or, at least, tolerate it, are one lucky lot.

    I hope she has good luck with the combo.

    Was it a replacement receiver type?

    I am thorougly happy with mine.

    I've taken the receiver off two or three times for cleaning and it was right on when I replaced it.

    Once again, I wish her good luck with it.
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  6. johno

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    Glad to hear that you have a wife that will tolerate our hobby. I have several female friends, and an ex girlfriend that enjoy shooting, but no wife. does she have the high power sks model? mine hardly kicks at all.
  7. PAPA G

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    Phacopsrana, sound like you got a keeper there. i have to hear,"what do you want that for", etc.:rolleyes:
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    Like I said B4, I find a gun, and my wife flirts the price down after I leave...Not a bad team!

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    Its a leapers kit Dale. I was looking at his mounts and it had an $18 tag on it and I asked him if it was for both the reiciever top cover and the mount. He said I have a combo for 40$ with a 6x32 scope. I showed the wife and she said she liked it so there we go. She said I could buy a rifle, and I really wanted to get a mauser but didn't. I will probably start saving up for an o3a3 or similar rifle.
  10. Calvin

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    My wife and I went to a gun show this past weekend, and she did a complete 180 on me. Normally she goes to look at the dogs some people bring in, and lets me head out on my own. This time, however, she must have been paying attention to me, because she went scouting the tables for what I was looking for. And, I've been married to her for a year and a half and had no idea she could beat someone up on a price. I was looking for a PT100, and she found a guy who had one. The price was $525. By the time my wife got done bartering (read BASHING!) the price with the poor guy, she had him down to $400 even, and it was NIB with night sights, too. I almost had to throw water on her to cool her down! She was so happy she could do it, she went and pounded some other guy for a couple of extra mags for her CZ pistols. This time, I had to drag HER out of the show.
    Now all I have to do is introduce her to the salesman at the Dodge dealership that has that 2003 2500 Ram.......:D
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    Hmmm, if you let her spend money like that, she oughta at least be willing to play "Big Chief" when you get home.