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Timney Triggers in Savage guns

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I'm thinking of putting a Timney trigger in my 116 when it arrives. Have any of you guys used this trigger in your Savages? Is it worth the extra money?
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chester would you please post what you find out with the trigger upgrade when you do it I have a 112 in 25-06 and am going to replace the trigger when money allows and would be interested in your results
I'll keep you informed of it. I just found out the gun is going to take another 8-12 weeks to get here (Nova Scotia, Canada) so I should have plenty of time to think about it! They sell up here for about $250 but I now have the time to shop around.
Hi, guys. I hope I'm not too late with this. I too had allways heard
about Savage having crappy triggers, but I've never owned one
untill recently. I bought a used 10FP in.308 and while I didn't
consider the trigger as horrible as I'd heard they were, I wanted
to see how far I could take it. I started by polishing the sear and
trigger engagment surfaces with a dremel, using a felt bob and
jewelers rouge, bringing them to a mirror finnish. I made a new
trigger spring out of .048 wire to replace the .063 original. Next I
cocked the action and turned the sear engagment screw in untill
the sear tripps, then back it off 1/4 turn. Turn the overtravel screw
in till the sear won't release, then keeping pressure on the trigger, back it out untill the sear tripps, then go another 1/2
turn out. Ajust the safety and test the rifle by cocking it and bang-
ing the but on the floor (unloaded with the safety off) to see if
the sear tripps. If it does you must increase the depth of sear
engagement untill it passes this test. I also used Brownelle's
Action Magic II for lube and was very pleased with the results.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a trigger scale so I couldn't record my
results as I went. I hope this helps and happy shooting.
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