Tips for picking out an AK47

Discussion in 'AK47' started by mustache79, Aug 20, 2010.

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    I'm looking into AK47's. In the future I'd like to purchase one. I was hoping I could get some tips on what to look for and what to look out for when buying one. A friend of mine told me that a good more affordable AK would be a WASR 10. Something like this: Romanian AK WASR-10 7.62x39 Rifle
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    great gun, I have one myself. Make sure you look for a canted front sight, and canted gas block. other than that, they are good to go

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    Affordable yes. I had one and it served me well. However, I was not sorry to sell it, and that is saying a LOT. I treasure my firearms more than most other things I have, but it didn't bother me to sell my WASR 10. It never gave me any trouble, always worked as it should have, but I just was not impressed. It was at best a 5MOA rifle. If you're looking for something that is minute of person at 100 yards, they're fine. I for one prefer minute of head. If a rifle is not capable of that, I have no use for it. I suggest a better quality AK-47 variant such as a Saiga or if you have the money, an Arsenal. You're about to have a bunch of people tell you to buy a Chinese or Yugoslavian. Fact is, neither are superior to a Saiga or Arsenal. I've yet to see someone post a group they've shot that has been as good as the groups posted by people here who have Saigas. And another make you might look into that is rarely mentioned is the Hungarian AMD. I may buy one of those myself when I buy another AK-47. I have a Czech VZ-58 right now and I prefer it to an AK-47 any day. Better rifle far as I'm concerned.
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    They receivers can be warped and head spacing off.

    The only way to check head spacing (with out tools) is to close the bolt with the magazine removed and check how much the bolt shifts or wiggles inside the carrier. If it's less than 1/8 of an inch, don't sweat it.