Tips for writing a member of congress

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    1) Try to stick to one typewritten page. Two pages at most. Don't write on the back of the page. If writing in longhand, take care to be legible.

    2) In a short first paragraph, state your pourpose. Stick with one subject or issue. Use the rest of the letter to support your position.

    3) If a bill is the subject, cite it by name and number. Ie H.R. (#) or S. (#).

    4) Be factual and support your position with information how this legislation is likely to effect you and others. Don't be emotional be logical.

    5) If you believe the legilation is wrong and should be opposed, say so, and show the likely adverse effects.

    6) Ask for the legilators view but do not demand support. Keep in mind that our representatives in congress respond to a variety of views, and even if your position is not supported on one issue, it may be on another.

    7) Be sure your name and return address are clear and legible.

    8) suggested style is;
    The Honorable
    (name, first and last)
    United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510
    Dear Senator (last name)
    swap for United States House of Representatives for Senate

    Senators and Representatives pay attention to their mail. It's good politics. Responding to mail is crucial to reelection. a member realizes your vote can be won or lost by their response. The most effective letter is a personal one, not a form letter. So use these tips and be concise, informed and polite. These letters are the grassroots we so desperately need to make it work. Good writing and don't be afraid to ask for help.

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    Good pointers jerry, thats about how I do it.

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    jerry, right on.
    I don't have senators or representatives but I can make my voice count I can write to the senators and representatives of NY, FLA, MASS, CONN and any other state that have large concentrations of Puertoricans.
    You know, Puertoricans like to stick together and support each other, so those senators and representatives may think twice before discarding my letter.
    I ounce saw a site that had all the addresses or the senators and representatives in congress but I can't find it for some time now, did it changed?, how I can do a search?

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  5. I believe in writing.....fer sure. I just choke on the 'Honorable' thing, lol.