TIPS program

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stopper, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. Stopper

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    We should have all these TIPS volunteers wear a Scarlet S (for spy) so we can identify them and grab them by the shoulders and shake the ba-jesus outof them and say - HEY I am between 35 and 50 but I am not of Arabic descent! I am of White backwoods hicka** descent and besides that still ain't do'n nobody any harm! I'm brew'n that fer fuel - ya, thats what I'm do'n

    Why have Americans spying on Americans?
  2. wes

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    I bet my Homeowners Assn. will join.

  3. What are these TIPS people?

    Not hearing anything about them out here in the wild, wild west.
  4. wes

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    New Gov. program,to keep an eye on your neighbor's and such,and turn them into the police if you suspect they are doing ANYTHING wrong.
  5. wes

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    BTW Dale,we are watching you. hehe
  6. Doglips

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    I believe Comrad Stalin has only our best in his hart when he ask each of us to keep an eye out for those subversives that do not understand the love comrad stalin has for all of us. Please people we must inform the "state" of these people so that comrad Stalin can keep us safe....woop was haveing a flash back to my KGB days... Kinda funny we beat communism only to become a communist did we beat them or did they beat us???????????????????????????????
  7. Rock

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    They wont to make it mandatory for high school kids to be in TIPS to graduate, you can see it now Mommy and Daddy did not get me a new car they must be a Commie! Next thang you know you are pepper sprayed, betten, and on your way to the camps, but I am sure it will be done in a loveing way.
  8. Shaun

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    Lets see isn't this the kladis cravits program ? another step towards establishing a socialistic police state. I can see the government is starting to get to a point where the citizens are going to have to reset everything again.
  9. wes

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    Shaun,sadly,I believe you are right. I just hope they realize what a bag of rattlesnakes they will be opening.
  10. Armorer

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    They are sheep being lead to the slaughter.

    The masses are clueless bros.

    The wave their little American flags right to the TIPS line and think they are doing good.

    The sad part is............

    WE will ALL be tipped on :-(
  11. BenP

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    You know what, if we get to the point where we become outlaws because of what we are, I think I'll find a place to hide and suggest my friends do the same. Then when the masses have been thoroughly cleansed and are looking for someone to rescue them from the system they created, we could all step back out and we'd have a public (what's left) back on our side and ready to fight for their freedom.

    I'm not real anxious right now to go on a suicide mission for a bunch of unappreciative liberal programmed sheep. It's one thing to be fighting for the survival of my family. Quite another to be a minority fighting against public opinion. Then I just wind up like Weaver or Koresch, even though I'm not that extremist or that looney.

    How many of us are prepared to just walk away from the life we have right now to a secure, reclusive position and live like desperados until the time is right to strike back at the machine?
  12. Stewart

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    TIPS Program = Stasi or is it like McCarthyism