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TLS security error

Discussion in 'Announcements & Support' started by ncnascarlady, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Hey Chris... I'm getting a certificate error in Edge and Chrome. From what I can tell, both are fussing about a TLS security thing that boils down to a security certificate of some sort.

    Can you check to see if it's me or G&G?


  2. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Have you restarted your computer by chance? Cleared your cache? Running the latest version of the browser?

    I haven't seen any issues just want to be sure we clear any other issues up.
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  3. Yup. Took care of all of that first. I got in today by typing out instead of using my bookmark.
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  4. 63B20

    63B20 G&G Evangelist

    Get it now and then go do something else come back it works
    just the net.
  5. Tried that too. I tried my bookmark again and it didn't work, so I'm guessing something weird is going on. Next is to delete my old bookmark and add a new one to see what happens.
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  6. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

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  7. Hi Chris...

    Not sure what happened, but my old bookmark is working again. Thanks for answering my OP and for whatever you did or didn't do. :)
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  8. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    I had the same problem just now on my laptop. I clicked "Go To Previous Page" and it took me back to my google homepage in Internet Explorer. I then hit the "Favorites " Button, then clicked on G&G a second time and Wah Lah here I am. Who knows, its a COMPUTER...
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