To all of our veterans.....

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  1. No words can describe the thankfulness that I feel for all of our veterans, past and present.
    We wouldn't even be able have forums like this if it wasn't for our veterans.
    My flag flies high in your honor. You have lived the life that I have only read about. May God bless each and everyone of you and your family's.

    [ame=""]YouTube - veterans day[/ame]

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    Thank you so much, it's a nice sentiment. My kids carry on the tradition of serving the nation, and I'm a proud old Dad. God bless the USA!!
  3. God bless our soldiers and their families. I am a disabled veteran, and was discharged in 1971. Too many people take our freedom for granted.
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    Thanks for those excellent video clips....
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    Thank you...thank you...thank you, to all those who have served, wherever and in whatever way.
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    9mmfan: Sir; thanks.
    I easily could write a report; talking about how pleased; to have met some of the finest individuals, nurses that patched, Drs. who cared; Pastor's whose guidance we needed.
    These too are my hero's; along with America' partners without 'whom' we may have been lost.
  7. Thanks to all our service folk.
    My Daddy was in the Navy, the Army Air Corps and the Air Force.
    My Son returned from Afghanistan in January. Buddy's in the Air Force, was loaned to the Army but served at a Marine Bass.
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    Good job, Scotty...the kids of today should be aware of what their ancestors did to preserve our great nation...... why they are free to speak out, go where they please...stay out in the night with friends, (age permitting), and travel to where-ever they please. Compliments of your US Veterans..... past and current.
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    Kind of you to hold the vets in such high regards.
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    Yes I certainly do..they who have the "power" make the rules. I am sure we all seen this during our history lessons of Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia....1918-1953....into the 1960's - 1980's "cold-war"....and into... today. Who protects them, today?:)
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  12. Its a honor to be amongst such a fine group of people.
    Thank you
    USN 71'-75'