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    So some of you probably saw my thread recently about the new Tanfoglio single action .22 I picked up for 50 bucks. Missing the rear sight and in need of new bluing (blueing?). So, my questions are, where can I find the stuff I will need to re-blue it? Is there a specific brand or kind that I am going to want to get? I already have some blue remover and figured I probably will need to strip any remains of the old blue off before I re-blue it right? How do I go about applying the new blue on? Is it a brush-on type of deal or what? Basically, I just need to know any info on how to re-blue a gun I guess. Haha! This will obviously be my fist time, and I would rather not mess it up. Also, about how much do you think it will cost for everything I will need? Thanks ya'll!

    Oh, and sorry about the huge pics!
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    My TA-76 frame is a zinc-based "ZAMAK alloy" that will not take blueing. Check your before investing in blueing. It may be painted, and could thus be sprayed with a good semi-gloss black Alumahyde II or other spray-finish.
    The barrel, cylinder, hammer and trigger are steel - no problem blueing them.
    I have had spotty luck with Birchwood-Casey cold blueing. Good for small parts, but not even enough or rugged enough for larger parts.
    Other guys will have tips on other cold blues.
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    Just shoot it, a $50 gun isn't worth the cost to reblue plus drop it in the bluing tank and the grip frame and ejector housing will disappear. (they aren't steel)