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to buy, or not to buy

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I have met someone with an Enterprise Government STG-58 for sale. As far as I know, it has never been fired. The asking price is $900. That is getting really high for me, I wanted to spend $600-$800, and I think $800 was getting high. I probably could gather up the funds, but not sure if it is worth it. I was basically down to a M-444 from Dans, or a STG-58 from DSA. I want a quality, dependable rifle, for hunting, plinking, shooting at the range and maybe( after my wallet recovers) put a scope on it. My problem is that, the extra $ I would spend on that rifle, could have been the start of a new gun fund, or accessories for current guns. What do you guys think. I think it would be nice, but hey, can't have everything.:hmmm:

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The Entreprise Imbel rifle is $799 retail. Sometimes they run specials. Entreprise will let you order and pay (dealer cost, not retail) for a rifle and they ship it to your FFL for transfer. I have bought a receiver from them this way. They must have a signed copy of the FFL on file before they ship.

I don't know where you live, but in Georgia, we have a couple of FFLs in our FAL club who perform transfers for $10. There is a gun auction site somewhere on the web that lists FFLs in every state that are willing to do transfers for reasonable fees.
See less See more has an ad for a new DSA stg58 for $800.oo thinking about selling my early century L1A1 w/imbel receiver & buying the dsa
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