To camo or not to camo

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    there is a thread elsewhere about camo-ing a rifle, but I'm more curious about camo duds. It seems that camo clothes for hunters are a fairly recent thingie. I've never spent the money for them, just worn jeans or other solid color pants and a green-ish coat or jacket for me when deer hunting. I never noticed that I was noticed (poetic, huh?!) IF I didn't move. If had deer come to within 5 yards of me and been able to still hunt to within 10 yards across an open field, albeit at dusk. (It was the last hour of the last day of the season so I thought I'd see how close I could get.) So that begs the question, are camo duds really helpful or not? Whatch think?
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  2. If your worried about the warden then go camo otherwise don't worry about it.

  3. I only hunt whitetail and I do it only with a camo jacket. I would think that with pronghorn that have better eyesight it might make a difference. When I hunt waterfowl I use my same jacket and a hat, it makes a difference with ducks and geese
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    ive read a few places that deer can see UV colors really well..the can see blue jeans because its like a glow to them..if you were camo if breaks up your outline a little better than solid colors..regardless the deer will see you but when youre still theyre less likely to bust you when they do see you move..ill post a couple links so its a little easier to understand..

    What Deer See.
    Whitetail Deer Hunting- Deer Vision
    What Deer See | Field & Stream

    hope this helps a little bit
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    I personally think that alot of the camo,scents,calls,high end rifle accessories are a way to sucker men out of lots of money who will buy it.My father in law is 52 and has killed more deer than he could count over the last 40 or so years,and all he does is light a cigarette,not move anything but his head and sit from dawn to dusk,all while in blaze orange.
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    thanks for the links, FloridaBoy. I'll definitely wash everything in UV killer and avoid the blue jeans.
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    What Deer See | Field & Stream this is all you need to know. The whole UV GLOW VISION people think deer have is a bit extreme. The biggest thing to keeping deer from seeing you is DO NOT MOVE.
  8. To me there's know dought that camo helps and besides it looks cool LOL !!! The scent killing spray I use has UV blockers in it.

    I do agree in years past I wore color's that helped blend in with the woods. The test reports I've read long ago say to break up edge's or rather lines and your good to go.

    In later years it was discoverd that brighteners in laundry detergents can be detected by game animals. Though this is probable true, I've noticed in the woods leaves put off sheens or reflect light.

    So...wear what you want to as long as it's a garment that helps break up your bodys lines and use a UV blocking/ scent killing spray because they do work and help in your odds to take home game.

    EDIT::::: I don't where my every day shoes/boots when I deer hunt. I have boots just for that purpose and they get a good soaking of scent killing spray every time I go hunting in them.
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    I think the LC and the AH are both right. Don't move and break up the lines, and it wouldn't hurt to mute the UV. I think that new Vertigo pattern might work better than some others. Camo may be cool, but not cool enough to part me from my money, at least not to the tune of $300 outfits. I have a camo hat and gloves, and a light jacket that I picked up for a few $$. Maybe when I'm rich I'll get the Cabelas catalog out again. I does LOOK cool and I'd sure hate to be invited to some deer lodge and be the odd man out without camo, don'cha'know. Although all the articles seem to indicate a red plaid wool coat would work as well as camo, I don't have one of those either.
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    Heck, the whole reason folks wore plaids when hunting was that it broke up your outline slightly.

    The more you look like Al Borlan from Home Improvement, the easier it was to ghost ;)

    Of course, I'm a big believer in Blaze Camo vests & hats...I don't want OTHER hunters to shoot me.

    I'm also a big believer in surrounding the tree stand with a blind...if a deer can't see you move to scratch your bahoogies....
    they're unlikely to see you ;) They make camo netting just for that purpose.
    Cutting down on movement helps, making it to where it's hard to see anything but your head...priceless :D

    A lot of the UV comes from regular detergents...I wish they'd go back to just plain old SOAP instead of all that filler junk to make clothes brighter. Clorox will make you GLOW...
  11. The last time I was out hunting I was down an old road (unmaintained more like a trail than a road) off in a swamp trying to call in a moose. Well a truck drove by and saw me and my buddy sitting down by this tree, well i guess he thought it looked like a moose so he stops hops out of his truck and points his rifle at us. I slowly looked over slowly picked up my rifle and started to point it at him lol, well he jumped in his truck and took off pretty quick. Scared the heck out of me too. Since Then im not going to sit in that swamp because Im afraid some idiot may shoot me. There is another swamp that im ganna go to next time that is well off the road down an a trail that I can get my truck down. You have to watch out for the idiots. Theres alot of em out there.Also when I wash my hunting clothes I dont use any detergent at all. I just wash them in strait water 2 times. When I was in texas I used a special detergent that was a cent eliminator but im not sure if it cut down on UV or not. Since I moved back up to Alaska I just wash my clothes in strait water then when I get to the woods I pick up leaves and stuff and rub them all over my clothes before I go out. Not saying its the best thing lol, just what I do.
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    I wish more folks used binocs first and rifle scope second...glad he didn't plug ya :D
  13. I would have shot back lol, I carry binos when I go out, but I do admit sometimes I do use my scope but thats only if its waaaaaaaaaaa out there cause my scope is stronger than my Binos are lol. but this guy wasnt but maby 200 yards out and he did that...... Almost gave him the finger, tell him he was number 1 lol.