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    Ok as many of you know or maybe not I am not allowed to carry on premise at my work. No one is, company law.

    However we have had some instances where someone has been in the parking lot and harassing our on air talent and people looking in our LIVE trucks. Possibly looking in employee vehicles as well.

    I go into work at 1am, and even though there are lights in the parking lot they could be hiding anywhere.

    So would you conceal carry anyways? I feel my life is more important then the company law.
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    I guess it would depend on the liklihood of someone discovering your armed. If you could hide a small one, you may be able to keep it secret, although it may not be immediately accessable. It's a company RULE, not a law. A violation of law can get you arrested. A violation of rule could lead to being fired.

  3. danf6975

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    M14 already said what i would have said but i would add. if there is a problem at work, put a statement on paper and put it on your bosses desk and have a photo copy.
    if its likely that death or maiming will occur you definitely need to bring it to their attention and if they do nothing THEN i would consider carrying against the rules.
  4. mitchr

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    I had a little different situation in that, at the time, it was against the law to conceal carry in Texas. My wife worked at a mall store & when she had to work the last shift she had to close the store down & take the receipts to the night drop at a bank. Mall employees were required to park in the rear of the mall with very little lighting & no security patrol.

    I called the police department about her getting a license to carry. They told me there was no such thing in Texas. I was told that if she did carry & did actually use it, the burden of proof that she had to, to save her life, would be on her. If that was proven, then the only charge would be for carrying a prohibited weapon & would likely just mean a fine. That's the first time I heard the phrase: 'Better to be judged by 12 than be carried by 6'.
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    if you choose to carry. carry always unless its unlawful.
  6. G. Green

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    I think your last sentence answers your question. BUT if you are found out they'll fire you. BUT you should only be found out IF you produce it to save yourself or someone else. Soooo.........
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    I have a similar issure at work. a couple work buddies carry anyway although its against company policy. I asked the reasoning behind it and they told me there had been attacks by transients, and they simply stated to me that they would rather be fired then dead... and that makes sense lol
  8. If the place is unsecure and there is no protection, better to lose a job than your life.
    - has this been brought to management's attention?
    - their inactions of deliberate neglience for your safety

    How concealable would your weapon be?
    I see a .380 - perhaps a pocket pistol?
    Always on your person, never apart from you....
  9. 9mmXDm

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    I could carry my BERSA Thunder .380 all day without anyone knowing but me.
  10. Sober

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    Yes it MAY only get you fired if caught but if something happened there could be a Lawsuit from the company you work for violating company policy and putting coworkers in potential danger blah blah blah.
  11. Dutch

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    Hard decision. There is no substitute for a gun, but there are lesser alternatives if you decide it isn't practical to be armed.

    Mace, or properly trained a kubotan can be nasty, for instance.
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    A S.D. show on the outdoor channel had a whole show that they used to talk about S.D. situations in a workplace where you can't carry your firearm....such as a school. They talked about arranging an office to be tacklicaly smart, using cover and barricaiding a door. Lastly they talked about the use of a dry chemical fire extenquisher as a weapon. using it as a projectile weapon by discharging it at the face of a bad guy and also using it as a striking weapon. Sorry I don't remember which show it was... Just some options that one can think about in lue of breaking the rules.
  13. It's entirely up to you. It'll be you that will lose your job if you break company policy. Not to mention if it's in writing, and you have to or end up having to use it and someone sues you. They'll have the company law to use against you.

    Unfortunately, as much as I think, feel and believe you, we, should have the right to protect ourselves NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE OR WHERE WE GO, it's not the way it is.

    Since it could possibly be your job and maybe even your freedom, this one, I'll leave entirely up to you.
  14. Jim Rau

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    I would and I did. And it is company policy, not 'law'. It is up to you. It could cost you your job, but you have to consider the consequences of your actions what ever you decide.
    If you have a choice you should not work for these prejudice inconsiderate people!
  15. This is my situation.....

    My company has no policy about firearms, but knowing the owner I know he would be dead set against it. Minnesota law dictates if there is no specific policy against it, than you can carry so I do. Everyday. I carry a Kel-Tec P-3AT in a pocket holster and no one has ever spotted it in 2yrs. I carry large amounts of cash all the time and I'm not likely to get shot carrying someone else's money around. I feel a hell of alot better with a little .380 than nothing at all. I generally carry a Glock 36 in .45 ACP any other time, but the little mouse gun is great for deep concealment and I'm accurate enough with it I'm confident I can eliminate any threat.

    But it's totally up to you, and rest assured there will likely be problems if anyone finds out. Personally, I won't work in a place where I can't carry.
  16. Redbeernuts

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    I work at a prison and I can't carry there!
  17. BarryHalls

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    My life and property are more important than my job. In your situation I would carry, probably in a satchel of some kind.
  18. BarryHalls

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    Indeed. I drive a school bus. So, carrying so much as scissors is out off the question.
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    before we had redily available cc permits in Fla. when ever I thought I needed to be armed I carried regardless of the law. I would rather be alive than dead. thankfully the permit process has become citizen friendly and I don't have to worry about breaking that law anymore.
  20. I went into an assistant management program at a discount store after I retired from route work.
    Company policy was no firearms allowed. I soon found firearms should be so I carried a KelTec 32 acp pistol and know one ever knew I had it on me.

    The reason I broke the rules was because I handled a lot of cash money and I was the one to deposit it in the bank. The bank was less than a block away so I some times walked to the bank. I felt I was an easy target to be robbed.

    Another reason I carried was because shoplifter come in all sizes, this means some were alot bigger than me so instead of takeing the chance of getting hurt I carried a pistol in case I was gonna get hurt.

    On the evenings I worked I also had to close the store and after the employees left I had to count all the money and when I left I walked to a desenated parking area that was dimly lit. You'd be surprise how many people you did'nt know were around until you walk to your car after closeing.

    Now...You need to decide what your willing to give up. It might be your job and even the possibility of looseing your right to own firearms. Read on.

    If your company became aware that you are carrying a handgun they may not confront you but instead call the police to remove you from the property.

    When you got your concealed carry permit were you told in your class you have to honor companys right to ban firearms in and on there property ?

    If so you'll be jepordizing your right to conceal carry if you carry at work that bans firearms and it's possible you might get something put on your record where you can't buy any firearms anymore and worst, can't own the ones you have. I'd check into that.

    So it's your disision now wether or not to carry at work. I took the chance and did'nt get caught and would do it again if I saw a need to. It just depends on the job I'd be doing.

    Does your job have the possibility to put you in harms way ?

    Best of Luck...A.H
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