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    Sorry I deleted every body else is post on the CvsE debate the gess and bigfoot threads. :( I just dedent want a fight getting started.cause I dedent want g&g to turn into a war zone cause of a cuple of threads that I started.
  2. Ok BOZO. What's up? Gess --you would think you would get it. What's up -- No one is that dumb!!!

  3. Guys Maybe I am a complete dumb ***, but what gives.
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    thats the truth man I know I caused a lot of problums
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    OK Mark your teachers n school aren't doing it, so I'll treach you a little bit about grammar. The word "no" is the opposite of the word "yes." If you admit that you "no" something, you are really admitting that you "know" something. Next we'll teach you to spell "guess."
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    What oneastrix posted about
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    Look Mark, we're completely thrilled that a young buck such as yourself shares an intrest in the 2nd ammend. with us. You are the one's who will carry on the torch. But you need to stop posting stupid stuff. I'm not meaning to be rough, but you need to respect us as we respect you. Enough is enough. This is a Gun and Game forum. Please feel free to post along those lines. I'm not an administrator, and would never fringe upon your 1st ammend rights, but there will come a point when you suddenly cease receiving responses to your posts. Trust me...
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  8. Hey dude you a troll. I know-- whats a troll--lives under a bridge.
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    ok but NRAJoe and doglips seem to post alot of pontles stuff to me I dontknow got to go to bed now so I gess I'l get chewd out tomaro
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  10. Oxford

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    oneastrix and AlanC: You said it clear, accurate and to the point. The kid will have a tough time getting responses after this last trick. He needs to straighten up his act.

    Personally, I'm not so sure he's as dumb as he lets on. He may be messing with us. What do you think?

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    arrrrrrrgh ive had enough, mark 22 is a fraud ,no one can be that stupid, and have no simple command of english unless hes trying to
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    If you want peoples' respect, Mark, treat them as you would want to be treated. If it's a gun forum, post the C vs. E debate somewhere else. There's another room for that. If you want to talk guns, then have at it. Don't post something you think will start a fight. Just be yourself and quit trying to cause a commotion. THINK first!!!
  13. I dunno

    Howdy 7mmmag,

    I don't know about that. There is some real low end stuff being turned out of High School these days.

    I have worked in a supervisory role with teens for a lot of years, and spelling and grammar skills are severely lacking. Even with the kids earning high grades.

    I personally have a hard time with even the little things like, thanxs instead of thanks, or urgr8 instead of you're great. But to see simple words horribly mangled drives me nuts!

    As to the tone taken, go to any AOL chat room with a popular teens theme. Many kids today feel it appropriate to use language that would have gotten your teeth kicked in as a kid.

    Combatative and vile seems to be the norm.

    So it appears to me that our young friend may be genuine. Those may be his spelling and grammar skills. Willingness to "Trash Talk" and not understand why us old dudes get so mad.

    Just my thoughts anyway

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    I've sent several PM's to people that conveyed Oxfords last point. It does seem as though this person goes out of their way to sound young. It further appears to me that said person goes out of their way to incorrectly spell words. Just a thought, hope I'm wrong.....
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    i used to live in california. i went to a private school, and my sisters all go to public school. even with the bad reputation that california schools get, i've never met anyone that was that bad at grammar and spelling. my 10 year old sister is better than that. maybe i just lived in too nice of a neighborhood for that.
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    another thing. i've been reading the posts and i've noticed that while many of marks posts have errors in some of the most simple words, some of them are grammatically correct. either he's trying to misspell words, or just happened to have a few good days.
  17. Chris

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  18. Oxford

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    Question for Chris...

    Chris: From your posts I'm not sure where you stand on this situation. Without a doubt I'm glad you changed the delete option as you've described on the "suggestions/clarifications" forum.

    I'd be interested to know how you feel about the following two questions.

    1...Chris, do you believe MarkII 22 is just a kid he says he is and using poor judgment on some of his posts, or a fake adult messing with us?(ha)

    2...Also, do you believe Mark's bad spelling is intentional? At times we all misspell words, and a few times we intentionally change spelling of words to emphasize something, but to misspell every other word and even two letter words...that's more than most of us, including myself, would usually do.

    We're not English or grammer teachers but after 8-11 yrs of school Mark should know how to spell cat. (ha)

    Just wondering.