To Sling or Not to Sling, THAT is the Question!

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by minnesotagunner, Sep 6, 2010.

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    I knew that slings were useful for more than just carrying the rifle but i never used it for support on my MN because i was told that pulling on it(like is done when using it for the hasty sling) it would bend the forearm and make it put unwanted pressure on the barrel.

    Well, after attending an Appleseed event ive decided i do want to try and use the sling for support. Like before im worried about the unwanted pressure on the barrel. will the pressure throw the shots more or will it be less of an issue than not being steady enough to put the sights on target. if you cant get the sights on target you wont hit it for sure but will the pressure on the barrel decrease accuracy or throw the shots enough to cause a fairly high level of inaccuracy?
  2. World and Olympics shooting champs use slings all the time, hope this answers your question about "sling effects on accuracy". The thing you still don't know is how to use the sling correctly. I bet there are videos on Youtube, which may be very helpful. Another option is to find somebody with experience in shooting sports, or is a former or active duty military sniper. They know and can show you how to adjust the sling correctly.
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  3. If you are shooting competition it would be prudent to practice within the guidlines of your class and level; using good form and dicipline. Some competitions do not allow any support, so if you fall in this catagory, then it is not good to use such styles. As for me, my Rifle and Pistol medals are hanging in my shadowbox, now in my 40's I am a bigtime hasty slinger. Plinking, hunting or at the range, I practice how I shoot.

    Cant comment on the physics behind the barrel pressure and such.
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    Just wrap it around your arm and squeeze your arm up under the stock until it's comfortable to shoot and hold, but not so tight that your cutting off your circulation lol. You bet Olympic shooters use them, and for good reason. But they are shooting highly customized rifles, not a MN 91/30. I think you'd have to have a lot of tension on the sling to make the stock warp in such a manner that it will create pressure points on the barrel. Trial and error it. Let us know your results.
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    Not to be a dick but, yes I actually do know how to use the sling. the "hasty sling" is the name of the sling position.

    Im wondering if the use of the sling(which would put extra pressure one the barrel) would outweigh the positive affect of adding support.

    not shooting in any competitions just trying to figure out the best way to shoot the MN being that it isnt a free floated rifle.
  6. (2nd go)

    A properly adjusted sling can be a great aid to accuracy.

    If the "hasty sling" is held firmly (note firmly, not trying to pull the fore-end off) then it can aid accuracy.

    Wherever I can get away with it I use a 1907 sling for my Service rifles and a Single point for my Target rifles.

    A sling is virtually no good to man nor beast if your elbow is not supported so forget it for standing shots.
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    just trying this outThis is wierd.I tried go advance and it didn't work and then I tried the other one and it gave me the go advanced one.I can't figure it out and aparently no one cares or is going to fix it.I'm sorry.Would like to help on answers but can't because it is just too confusing. ,,,sam.
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    You could be right but I would much rather use a sling for an offhand shot than not use anything. (I don't care what you and Col.Cooper say.) ,,,sam.
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    "Mind over matter." Once you get that straightened out, you`ll be fine.
  10. The great thing about living in a democracy is the fact you are entitled to your own opinions Sam; even if you are wrong!

    Have a nice day now y'all y'all!