to trade or not.

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  1. sorry if this is the wrong place to post. if it is, hopefully a moderator will move it for me.

    i have a new mini 14 ranch rifle blued with wood stock with about 300 rds down the pipe, a 30 rd pro mag magazine and 200 rds of 5.56 NATO. a guy is wanting to swap a new springfield stainless 1911 and and IWB leather holster and a couple of magazines. what do you think? how much money should i ask to boot for it to seem like an even trade?
  2. stinkybriches

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    well, im finding ranch rifle's new for 700-800.
    springfield stainless 1911's starting at 600, better models costing more, some much more.
    i dont know what the holster is worth but do know nice leather holsters arnt what id call cheap, and if it is nice id say its a wash against the extra mag and the ammo.
    with your rifle being used, and theyre pistol being new id say in my mind its about even, and if the pistol isnt a basic model id say you would be the one who needs to sweeten the deal.

  3. Seven©

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    If you trade a mini 14 for a Springfield 1911, you'd come out ahead IMO. But, you got to ask yourself which is most important to you. A rifle or a pistol. Would depend on your situation.

    If I had another rifle and no pistol, I'd trade.
    If I didn't have another rifle, I'd pass.
    If I had another rifle and another pistol, I'd still probably trade depending on what the other rifle was.

    Not in value, but a rifle>pistol. Always.
  4. stinkybriches

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    you make a good point seven. there may come a time when a person needs a rifle.
  5. Gray Wolf

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    Money wise, it's probably pretty close. It would depend on your situation, which is more useful to you, rifle or pistol?
  6. hack1911

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    The term Stainless Springfield 1911 isn't quite clear. They make a lot of stainless models which vary quite a bit in price.
  7. Who came to who on the trade? If he approached you, I'd be wary. I'm not that trusting and I always want to know the angle someone's taking. Why's he wanting to trade? It could just be that a rifle is what he needs like Seven was talking about, or it could be that he knows something that he doesn't want you to find out until after the trade....
  8. I agree.

    The guy wanting to trade the pistol may have other pistol's and maybe he thinks he can pick up a good deal getting you to trade with him.

    If your interested in haveing a 1911 the Sprinfield would be a better brand to have.

    If you want to trade ask for some boot. See if he'll trade and tell him you would have to have $150 to $175 plus the pistol.
  9. thanks for th replies guys. the pistol is just the basic GI model. the guy is my brother so i kno the pistol works. i've saw him shoot it and shot it myself. he did come to me to make the trade so i'll probably ask for try to run a stiff bargain. maybe i can talk him into us swapping for a week and see how much we miss our guns.

    i'd perfer to get my hands on his glock 21 though... :mischievous:
  10. oldjarhead

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    Don't use the term 'swap' for a week...the term swap can be terminal. Use the term 'loan' to each other and then decide if you want to swap.
    You'd be better off trading for the 1911...Glocks suck.
    Since a new ranch Mini-14 runs MSRP $883 and the new Springfield 1911 SS runs $693; that's a $190 difference. Since both firearms are used then you should get at least $100 more, if not $150.
  11. Sav .250

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    Any time you trade, your on the edge. If your happy, it`s a good trade.
  12. stinkybriches

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    if id have known the pistol was used (you did say it was new) i would have recomended at least a 100 cash on top. beware sellers remorse.
  13. Sober

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    I flat out wouldn't do it.....I love to have a 1911 but a Mini 14 is more usefull in my opinion. If I were you I would keep my gun and just make the 1911 next on my list as guns to buy. I 'm not big on getting rid of a firearm I allready own even if its a trade. The only reason I would trade is if you really needed that extra $100 or $150 for somereason.
  14. Keep the Mini and buy a Glock! They aren't as pricey as a Springfield 1911.
  15. after reading the replies, i've decided to keep the mini 14. i'll probably save up and get a glock 17. i know that every gun i've ever traded, (except my remmy 770) i wish i had back even if i got a good deal. thatnks
  16. gandog56

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    Glock is cheaper for a reason, mainly they are not as good as a 1911.
  17. A gun is only good if it fits your hand. The first time I shot a Glock, I was hitting the X ring with 75% of my shots! Since then, I've been carrying one at work for years now and have put countless rounds through it. It's lighter, reliable and in service for thousands of agencies worldwide.
    So, to say that they're not as good as a 1911 is not an entirely true statement. I do pay "homage" to John Browning for his ingenious design that has stood the test of time for 99 years, but a Glock is a fine piece of engineering as well and can hold its own against at 1911 IMO.
    Edit: and I happen to hate the way a 1911 feels in my hand and can't hit crap with one! To each his own.
  18. well he he decided to throw in a 22" HD computer moniter and 100 rds of .45 auto. the deals looking pretty sweet now. i guess we can lend each other the firearms for a week to see if we like them. i only paid $650 for the mini 14 at walmart anyway. i think i might be screwing him on this one, but it's ok. he's family. :sgrin:
  19. Sober

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    Now this is starting to sound a little strange...SOMETHING'S amiss here. I STILL WOULDN'T DO IT.
  20. i'v put several down the tube and it works fine. he's just fed up with it coz he can't shoot a handgun worth a darn so he wants a rifle. he flinches really bad.