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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Oct 22, 2002.

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    Ok I'm still shakeing my head at this one....the police and "sniper" know a common telephone #... the police want the sniper to call them at that # (ok keeps the crack pots from calling in on that # since only the police and sniper know it...I get that part) I just do not understand why the police would think the "sniper" is so stupid ... never even seen tv..movies ect... that he/she would call and chat for a while.... then they bust 2 mensa mebers for being stupid with out permit....thuse via the press letting the "sniper" know it was a trap......I think this whole thing is makeing the Police,FBI look like the keystone cops....but then again I dont know what their plan..information maybe its just me not understanding the "big picture".

    You'all were right the witness that lied was the one who said it was an AK 74...he was in the store shoping at the time of the my ???? is why did he say AK 74.....not 47.....wounder in my paranoid mind if he was not told to as AK 74.???????? ok Ill put my tin foil hat back on now :)

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    "The person you called could not hear everything you said. The audio was unclear and we want to get it right. Call us back so that we can clearly understand."
    — Charles Moose, Montgomery County Police Chief, asking the sniper stalking the Washington suburbs to make contact.
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    Please call us back so we can get a tap on the line and track you down.....It was cute, indeed....

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    Secret Phone Pals?

    By this time tomorrow, every one who watches CNN will know that phone number, too. :p
    Those Talking Heads and Info Babes cannot keep a secret! And "the people have a right to know!" :rolleyes:

    Maybe the media types will co-operate better once one of their own takes one between the shoulder blades. They have this habit of thinking themselves safe, because they're media stars.
    Let's hope this killer is as stupid as they seem to think he is. :mad:
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    I heard on the radio that he got another one early this morning?
  5. Possible new victim


    Yup, someone shot a guy standing on the top stair of a city bus this morning. They do not know if it is the sniper or not, yet.

    The media makes me sick. Nothing to report more than that, but they take the air time to talk with a reporter en route to the scene about how bad traffic is, and how smart they are for finding a way around the jam....

    Useless people, the media.