Today was a good day

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    I woke up today thinking "uuuggh. Its early" and went and picked up my son to take him to his Dr appt. Then he and I met my wife for lunch, and then, as though all the planets aligned and God reached down and stuck his finger in my wifes ear and forced the most magical chain of words out of her mouth I ever thought I would hear. She said "Hey baby, I want to go hunting with my Dad this year, and since you have Justin with us, can we go to the range and you can teach me to shoot?" And I paused... and said "oh the rifle?" And heard back "No, silly the rifle and the pistol!" And again I paused... and asked "oh the .22s right" and again this human imposter taking on the shape of MY wife said " duuuh, and the .44 mag too! So how bout it?"

    So. We went shooting. And it also happened to be the first time I took my son to the indoor range. Check this out...
    Momma with the .44 (.44 special loads fyi, but STILL!)
    Momma with the .22 pistol
    My son with the .22 pistol
    And this didn't come out so good but that's after she got ahold of the scoped .22 rifle. The center target with the friggin 4" grouping is hers at 25 yards. (Not scout sniper incredible but for her first time ever shooting, **** good!) I was impressed. Here's a few more of Mrs.-ive-never-shot-a -gun's damage...
    This (the center target and surrounding targets were with the pistol- ruger mkII with a red dot scope, at 15 yards and 20 yards)
    I had to re-sight in my scope on the rifle but once I did this is her at 25 or more yards (all the way to the back.

    Anyhow there's a couple more of these but you get the picture. I took my wife, my "no I don't like guns but I tolerate them" wife, to shoot for the first time plus got to spend the day with my son (played hooky from school for the dr. Appt) and got to blow crap up.

    I don't think I fired 15 rounds out of the 200 .22s, just sighting in my scope, and12 of the 50 .44 spl.s but it was the best day I have ever had at the range!

    Gotta say it was a good day!
  2. Para Cassatt

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    Congrats on the family day at the range.

  3. ChaZam

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    Great story. Thanks for sharing.:cool:
  4. john2393

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    Yeah. It kinda takes the grim side of being a handgun owner/carrier out of the equation and focuses more on the hobby aspect of it. Kinda reminds me that in this big picture I'm just another irish peckerwood with a few guns and havin fun with them. LOL
  5. samuel

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    Glad you had a lot of fun as a shooting family togather.Tell your wife and son I said "hi" and congratulations on the fine shooting. ,,,sam.
  6. grizcty

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    Family day, at the range.
    I remember & cherish those days.
    These pictures will be very special.
    To you & the boy, in years to come.
  7. Browning

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    glad to hear there is another shooter in the family. And a family that shoots together is a family that has fun together. Congrats! I'm shure the boy will benifit more from that time with his parents and the real world knowledge you taught him than anything he missed at school.
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    good thing you got photographic evidence !!!
  9. SwedeSteve

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    Congrats on what appears to be a "Most Excellent" Day !!
  10. mitchr

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    Congratulations on having a great family outing. Of course, the down side of taking the wife to the range is that, for some reason, the female of our species seems to have a natural knack for outshooting the male of the species & this tends to embarrass some guys. Don't know why, just is. My wife hasn't shot more than 50 rounds in her life (we're both over 65) & she's a better shot than I am, regardless if it is .22 revolver, rifle or a BB gun!! Because of arthritus in her hands, she can't enjoy shooting much over a .22 & would only shoot one mag load thru her Bersa 380, when she first got it, to get the feel of it. But, she was dead-on accurate with it, with that one mag load!
  11. john2393

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    I was just joking about that with my Father in law (he has 4 girls. I married the oldest) he's a good ol north michigan country boy and all my sister in laws shoot. Now he said "Girls take to shooting faster and easier than boys, they don't have any bad habits from toy guns, gi joe impersonations etc..." which was a very good point. And having witnesssed it for myself, I gotta agree.

    And she does make me look bad. Not now, but if you took HER after 5 min of training, and ME after 5 min, and I remember I couldn't hit water off a boat in the ocean. I've seen Infantry Recruits on Qualifying days 11 weeks into training do worse.

    But I'm not embarassed. Good for her. Now when we go out I carry my normal .44 mag with me but I also carry the MKII for her. At least I got backup now. I'm rollin with a hormonal sharpshooter, with no logic, or accountability... sounds fun!
  12. grizcty

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    Very true!


    LOL :bigeyes:
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    Congratulations of family day at the range. I hope you have many more of them. Looks like everyone had a great time.
  14. john2393

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    well she's pretty proud of herself. And she is very tenacious so I imagine this won't be the last time.
  15. woody1981

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    Looks like a whole lot of fun.
  16. Congrats !!!! I told you Enzyte was good stuff and works miracles ....
  17. john2393

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    Aaaallll right "Smilin' Bob" THAT gun is another matter for another time and prolly not appropriate to discuss here!