Today We Bestow Five Bonehead Awards

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    WARNING! Today’s Issue May Not Be Good For You For Some Reason Or Another. So There! Now You Can’t Sue Us. Nah Nah Nah Nah!

    Bonehead award one goes to some folks in the State Of California who thought it was prudent to pass Proposition 65 which permits any private citizen to bring suit against any company that fails to provide “clear and reasonable warnings†on any product that gives exposure to chemicals “known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.†And to encourage things to get out of hand, 25 percent of assessed civil penalties (up to $2,500) goes to the claimant as well as a rebate for their attorney fees.

    So, what do you think has happened?

    So far bounty hunters have created lawsuits against the following products for not coming along with a warning label:

    Picture frames
    Light bulbs
    Christmas lights
    Electrical tape
    Game darts
    Stained glass lamps
    Fire logs
    Exercise weights
    Cue chalk
    Slim fast
    Calcium supplements
    And now CHOCOLATE makers are being sued because, as is true with any “natural†product, chocolate contains miniscule amounts of chemicals, which in large quantities can be toxic. In this case chocolate contains a miniscule amount of lead. The law says that only a “detectable†exposure need be shown and that product safety is not a consideration.

    California has made it possible for anyone to sue just about any manufacturer that sells a product in the state!

    Thank you California for raising the cost of doing business for manufacturers so that everyone else in the country has to pay out the money that goes to the leaches you’ve empowered with your nonsensical law.

    Orange County Register 8-Oct-02 via
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    You! Out of the gene pool!
    Bonehead award two goes to a 35-year-old Staten Island, New York City man who was critically injured when he hit his head on a beam while standing on top of a subway train to do some “subway surfing†while the train was moving.

    We await the lawsuit against New York City for not putting a warning label on the top of subway cars warning him not to stand up on the train roof while the train is moving through the tunnel.

    NY Post 14-Oct-02
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    Bonehead award three a “why there are lawyer jokes†bonehead award goes to an attorney, defending a fake doctor in Guadalajara, Mexico, dubbed the “beautykiller,†who has permanently disfigured and seriously maimed and injured about 141 women by giving them injections of industrial silicone for the purpose of breast enlargement who said, in defense of the allegations against his client, and in explanation as to why his client should not be prosecuted, “She hasn't killed anyone, and none of these women was a beauty."
    Many women have had to have mastectomies and multiple amputations as a result of the injections.

    The Toronto Star (Canada) 13-Oct-02
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    Boneheads four and five are “press one if you are a caller with no brains†bonehead awards.
    The first award goes to a Stafford, Virginia fast-food restaurant manager who, wanting the day off from work, called police anonymously to report a rooftop sniper, according to police who traced the call back to his restaurant.

    The second goes to a Luton, UK, man who, having arrived at Heathrow Airport too late to catch his flight to Pakistan, and who, wanting the plane to return to the airport, phoned police claming he planted a bomb on the plane, according to police who traced the call back to his cell phone.

    The Arizona Republic 14-Oct-02
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    These are all amazingly funny stories.

    Doglips...where do you find all of your "stuff"? Do you subscribe to something that is full of these stories, or do you read every newspaper available for the good stuff, or what?(ha)

    Oxford:D :nod:

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    I get some e-mail list...sometimes I just follow links....These came from a Link that was on a columist web page from my local news his artical last night...kinda funny..his page had lings to the bone head of the day award. I like humor...jokes put lifes problems into perspective.