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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Dale, Oct 19, 2002.

  1. As promised, and following up on Phacopsrana's suggestion, I'm posting my terrible results from Ben Avery today.

    Seems each time I shoot anymore it's a reminder that my eyes, and myself, are not as young as we once used to be.

    Range conditions:

    Wind calm...almost none existant.
    Sunny, as usual, he he he he.
    Temp....mid 70's going for the low 80's.
    One obnoxious shooter to my left pelting me with .223 from the AR15 I nearly crammed up his butt.

    All guns were shot with open steel sights which came on the rifle.

    Here goes........this one is from my Carl Gufstaf 6.5 X 55 Swede Mauser and except for a three round spot check, this is the first round of firing I have done with it since I got it a weeks ago.

    But, feel free to jump in a boo my results...I'm a big man....I can take it.

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  2. wes

    wes Guest

    Dale,I really wouldn't want you shooting at me.

  3. Scmidt Rubin 50 yards

    .....also the first time I have shot the Schmidt!

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  4. Gufstaf at 75 yards

    ....can you imagine what 100 yards woulda looked like?

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  5. Schmidt at 75 yards my weary old shoulder is starting to get sore, lol.

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  6. Henry Gold Boy lever .22

    and for my 1000th post...yes I timed it this way, lol.......winding down with 3o rounds of fun at only 25 yards. I like my Henry!

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  7. Thanks, Wes.

    But ya know...I 'member a time when I was younger and a much better shot with both the long gun and the handgun than I am today.

    But hey...such is life and what the heck....if I had fun that's what counted, right?


    OK, guys, as Pha has brought up a fun thing to do...let's start getting out there.....punching paper.....give us your best shots (so to speak) 'cause I just KNOW you can show me up...c'mon...c'mon. Let's have fun!
  8. Doglips

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    Looks great to me. I havent been to the range in 6 guns think Ive taken up a diffrent hobby :)
  9. oneastrix

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    Dale, it looks good enough for combat accuracy at 100 yards! We used to qual with the AR's by putting a human silohuette target at 75 yards. I would put them all into the kill zone no prob. Dang front sight post takes up the whole target at that distance. I'd just lay it over the target and fire away...always was surprised with the results.
  10. I here ya, 1*.

    We used to qualify quarterly (believe it or not) and with the 12 guage 870 PG riot gun and the M-16. I had no problem qualifying.

    But, hey, that was when I could see the target. In the last three years my eyes have gone south and at 75 yards now, the target is blurry.

    I am rapidly realizing if I want to shoot 100 yards plus I need to scope my guns.

    Oh well, some of you youngsters will be in that position one day, he he he he.
  11. Mandy

    Mandy FREE CITIZEN Forum Contributor

    first 15 shots of the sesion

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  12. Mandy

    Mandy FREE CITIZEN Forum Contributor

    Next 10 rnds

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  13. Mandy

    Mandy FREE CITIZEN Forum Contributor

    After 25 practice rnds.
    This 5 rnds with 1 flyer.

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  14. Mandy

    Mandy FREE CITIZEN Forum Contributor

    To finish the sesion, a couple of my friends toys present at the moment.

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  15. We used to look for the three smallest guys with the best shots to take point on the STAC team.....wanna apply? I can refer you and put in a good word for ya, lol.

    Good shooting Mandy!.....yepper.
  16. Rock

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    I only have one target I will do better next time...:D

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  17. jerry

    jerry Since 03-15- 2002 Forum Contributor

    good shooting guys!
    Dale, thanks for the my idea, pretty good site :D
    now, to get a digital camera.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    I am ashamed

    Boy it looks bad for me; The best I could get was at about 65 feet give or take with my k-98. I had some other problems with the nagant and the k-98. Got a live round jammed in the k-98 so I had to put it away and the Nagant had problems unlocking after firing. Looks like I could use some pointers at the range. I usually do pretty well at 25 yards but at the 100 I have problems. Maybe I will improve next time when I am at a table. I don't have a steady arm and have a hard time shooting level.

    OK don't laugh; here it is at 65'. I'd show you the 100 yd but why post a blank target!:target: :mad:

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  19. ****!


    Remind me to never **** any of you off!!!!!

    That's some good shootin! I was unable to get out this weekend, and they are talking lousy weather most of the week. I will post some targets as soon as I generate some of the used variety!

    I just gotta remember to shoot some paper as I normally shoot CD's from 25 and 50 yds. I also usually shoot a smiley face onto em. Maybe I can find one and photograph it to post....

  20. Pha, that's some dang good shooting for a Mosin at 65....nothing wrong with it...congrats.

    PS...I mentioned something in your other post about jamming.

    Jerry, I'll post a few more free target sites tomarrow for you, and anyone else who might want them.

    Too tired right now tonight.