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I attended the AK47-shotgun class at Tom Bullins' Trigger Time range in Cameron,NC. Tom is a retired Marine and currently a government/security contractor. The class was from 8AM to 4PM w/45min. lunch. We spent 5 1/2 hours training with the AK47 and 1 1/2 hours training with the shotgun. The class consisted of:
safety instruction and medical evac. outline, liability waiver
manual of arms, information about the AK47 and the 7.62X39 cartridge
zeroing carbines
standing, sitting, and prone shooting at 35 yards
shooting steel from prone at 50,75,and 100 yards
engaging multiple targets from the 3 previously mentioned positions at 35 yards
"dot" drills at 15 yards: reloading, clearing double feeds, checking carbine status and scanning for hostiles
shooting on the move: forward, serpentine drills from left to right and right to left
repeating the same drill with up to 3 targets
turning into the target from the left and right profile
turning into the target /left and right, from the 180degree (back to target)
left and right angled barracade shooting at target
left and right step out barracade shooting at target
During some of the longer firing strings we had to take 3min. breaks to allow the AK47 barrels to cool off and also to recharge our magazines.
Shotgun (12 Ga)
tactical loading and firing: load one shell, fire... load two shells, fire.. up to 4 shells
top off drills
25 yard multiple target drills with buckshot
40 yard multiple target drills with slugs
At this point we mirrored the training we had earlier in the day with the AK47
except for shooting steel on the range and shooting with movement.
With the temp reaching 100 deg. and high humidity, we were gassed by the end of the training. Tom brought out a SOC-MOD AK47 and a Krinkov 5.45X39 for us to shoot at the end of the day.
Tom's website is Trigger-Time :: Home He supplied all the rifle ammo and the class was $200.00. I highly reccomend this class. Tom Bullins runs a first class operation and his instructors are top notch.
The class was a load of fun but was very challenging. The 100 degree heat and high humidity forced us to stay hydrated. I drank 4- 24 ounce Aquafinas during the course and another on the trip home.
Some things during the course I learned:
The AK47 is basically a 100 yard (or less) performer with the 7.62X39 cartridge. There are some exceptions with specific AK47's but from what I saw during our range drills, when you combine standing, kneeling, and prone along with a moving target as another variable, 100 yards is about all I could expect given my ability.
The AK47 after 200 rounds of 7.62X39 really begins to work on your shoulder and upper bicept. This is especially true with the all steel butplate on my East German stock. I shot around 400 rounds so I was really feeling it by the end of the class.
For CQB, the AK47 is a very capable performer once you become familiar with its manual of arms and gain fluidity when deploying the carbine from the low ready. This is ingrained in your muscle memory from repetition and practice. The 7.62X39 round is a massive penetrator, especially in FMJ. If one were looking for a carbine where overpenetration was an issue in CQB, the AK47 would not be on the top of the list. The AK47 would likely be a better performer against hardened targets in CQB than some other carbine. The rear sight of the AK47 is too narrow for CQB in my opinion. I have, since the class, opened up the rear sight notch slightly and painted the front sight post white.
The AK47 is a strong carbine with powerful springs and a lot of sharp edges, not to be handled gingerly or daintily but with authority and respect. Any mistake you make in handling, clearing, loading, or even cleaning this carbine can and will draw blood. I also learned from one of the instructors to never look directly over the ejection port when clearing the AK47. The cleared round will usually hit you with the FMJ tip and cut you. This would be disasterous without eye protection.
The Hungarian 20 round AMD-65 magazines worked great in the AK47.
Loading all steel AK47 magazines really hurts your hands and fingers by the end of the day.
The shotgun rules the 7-50 yard CQB. When you shoot an AK47 for over 5 hours, trying to keep respectable groups in 2-3 round strings at CQB distances (7-25 yards)... then... you switch to an 870 Remington pump 12 gauge(20 in. barrel, 8 shot, old Ashley Big Dotsights), and on your first target at 25 yards place 9 OO pellets center of mass with a group the size of a softball, you quickly realize what weapon delivers the most efficient payload- per-round.
Speer Lawman Tactical OO 12 gauge 2 3/4" buckshot and Winchester Low Recoil OO 12 gauge 2 3/4" buckshot were awesome performers up to 30 yards. They both gave tight centered patterns with quick recovery between shots.
Remington 2 3/4" magnum 12 gauge 1oz. slugs are accurate at 30-50 yards but really pound you. Shooting them prone was the worst experience of the day.
During one of the breaks we shot a Romanian SKS at 50 yards. From the kneeling position this carbine shot a 3" group poa. We used the same ammo in the SKS we were shooting in the AK47's which was Bernaul(?) 123 grain. The ammo was accurate and we only found one bad round the whole day. It had a deformed FMJ bullet.
One week after the class I recieved a certificate in the mail from Tom Bullins for my training in the AK47/Shotgun class. The certificate is issued by Trigger Time Training and is signed by Tom Bullins, president.

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Sounds like you got your money's worth and then some, Jesse. Thanks for the insights on the weapons, especially the AK47.

Anyone know of a comparable trainer here in SoCal?

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Sounds like excellent value for the price, compared to many shooting classes I've read of. Wish they had something similar here in in The Deep South!
Great review, Jesse! :)
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