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  1. Going to set out 4 Beefsteak tomato plants after work this evening, that will produce more tomatoes than I know what to do with
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    I love beefsteaks. They are my favorite tomato. They not only taste good but it only takes one slice to make a delicious tomato sandwich. I can't hardly stand store bought tomatoes so I generally only eat them when they are in season.
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    I brought some home Friday to put in my fil's garden. Walked out there and he had 24 tomato plants already in the ground!!!??? Now what. He does this every year. More than we'd eat in 5 years. I can't give em away fast enough. Have to pick before and after work every day.
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    New York
    Wish I lived close enough to you to help you with this problem. I love a good tomato, preferably freshly washed and with a salt shaker handy. I'll hold still for a bunch of slices over a mixture of Boston lettuce, butter lettuce, red lettuce, cucumber slices, and Vidalia onion bits in vinigarette dressing.
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    ^^^Was that a prayer cuz I felt like shouting, "AMEN!!!"
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    no problems growing too many here.
    it's snowing right now that usually slows down anything in the garden from even living.
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    I'm currently working on a hanging container garden where I can grow some stuff at my house and actually harvest it. Usually my birds have all the buds picked off before anything can grow.
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    Have you ever canned them or even froze them. I semi cook and can them and also freeze them whole. When I use them for cooking I run them under warm water and the skin rubs right off with your hands. Good for soups, stews, chile, spaghetti sause and so forth.
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    yeah rando, that's what we do too. We flash boil them, skin and de-seed and then we can them for salsas, stewed tomatoes and spaghetti sauce.
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  10. I love beefsteaks for sandwiches, but my new go to is the San Marzano. It's the most amazingly meaty, fewest seeds, great for everything tomato I've seen. It's a Roma variety, with the meatiness of a super beefsteak.
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  11. Got the tomatoes planted, now all there is to do is wait and dust the plants for bugs once in a while
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    I'll have to check that out Nascar. We've always used the Roma as they have the most meat and least seed of the varieties we can find.
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  13. Here's what Bonnie plants has to say, and they're not lying, trust

    Super easy to grow, and lemme tell ya, they really do have a huge yield per plant.

    The other reason I like them is because the seeds are great for drying and saving from year to year. They run true, so you don't need to worry that you're going to get mutant tomatoes somewhere down the line.
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    Well, its happened again. My FIL has near 30 tomato plants in the ground and that's before I put my 8 Roma's in. More than we know what to do with if the harvest is good. I also put in my peppers: banana, bell, jalapeno, habanero and a little skinny red one. **fingers crossed**
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    New York
    What became of the "weird pepper" project some of you green thumb types were playing with? Did all the reports get lost in the Great Hack? I was wondering how those peppers turned out, how hot they were, etc.
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    My seed from last year are still somewhere buried in my garden or maybe washed into the nearest creek or pond. But then, I have a BLACK THUMB!
  17. I've started some seeds. Just need to get them planted this weekend. I wanted to wait for the weather to settle out before putting them in the ground.
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    I grow a few tomatoes mostly grape style these days once it warms up.
    Yes it is nearly mid may but we had sleet yesterday.
    Saying in this area is to not rush madly into things, mothers day is ok but Deceration Day is far better.


    In the fall I pick the grape tomatoes and cut them in half, throw in the blender with a bit of olive oil and blend them smooth. put in quart jars and can like ya would a regular whole tomato.
    No need to seed or skin and taste just as good.

    Last year I put in a yellow tomato plant caller Yellow Boy. I like them real well but none to can or freeze.


    :D Al
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    Back when I was younger I would take the salt shaker with me to the garden & most of the tomatoes didn't make it to the house. It didn't matter what the name or type of tomato it was they all got big, my guess they cross breed. I always planted Early girl to get tomatoes as soon as I could but I found it helped the Beefsteak & other Heirloom varieties come in faster.
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    I set three beefsteak and three big boy plants out, and will set another three of each here in the next week, I have plenty of neighbors that don't garden and I generally get some venison at some point in return.