tompson 44 cal mag . hard to open

Discussion in 'Thompson' started by jehu gary grose, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. jehu gary grose

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    have a tompson 44 cal. which is very hard to open. can anyone give me some pointers . I am 83 years old and not too stout but this is way too hard for me too grip and open . any help would be appreciated .
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    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.

    Do you have the Encore or the Contender?

    I would make sure that it is completely cleaned.
    And make sure the pistol is oiled up properly, including the hinge pin.

  3. rob g

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    Welcome from Kansas
  4. Is your frame an original contender and the barrel a G2??
  5. Merle

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    Don't forget to clean the locking lug.
  6. 870shooter1

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    Sir, if you have an early contender they are difficult to open because of the linkage used when building them. I'm not certain, but I think Thompson can do an update on the linkage. You would have to call them and confirm that with them. Also, look for any extrusion or primer flow into the firing pin hole on the frame as that too, will also create difficulties in opening the contender.

    Good luck, enjoy the recoil!

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  7. billy

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    the original contenders ARE hard to open
    you can buy a little cheater type bar from MBELLM's website that will solve your problem.
    i am getting one for my 1975 contender.
    hope this helps

    and yes smith and wesson bought t/c and they used to convert them to easy open.
    too bad the conversion ruins the beautiful trigger pull
    no thanks
  8. The OP was a one hit wonder. I don't think he'll ever appreciate all of your fine recommendations.
    He hasn't been back on this site again since his day of registration. Probably forgot to bookmark this fabulous G&G.