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    they did a segment on a Tennessee CCW class. on the firing line the shooters drew their guns, held them close to their sides, at the same time they leaned back, with the other hand they made a fist and put it on their chest, then fired. what is the technique called and how is it used ??? advantages/disadvantages???:confused: :confused: :target:
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    FBI Technique (Type 1)

    The fist will prevent an additional obstacle to a bullet before entering the heart.

    Also, it may make the BG laugh himself to death.

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    I believe it's a close quarters weapon retention stance. If the BG is 4 ft away and you stick the gun out at arms length he might take it away from you. Tucking in the weakside arm would give the BG less of you to grab and yet be ready to fend off whatever striking weapon they might have(I guess??). Maybe it's just to avoid shooting yourself in the hand???????????LOL!
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    Leaning back seems like it would put you off balance and unable to move quickly. Dunno.

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    I think thats the whole idea wes, so's you'll be ready for anything,anytime,anywhere! :gangster: