Too dangerous to secure the border?

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    It is if you listen to this man... - EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Sheriff: Border Patrol Has Retreated from Parts of Border Because It?s ?Too Dangerous?
    Now I ask you, what other country on the planet would allow foreign nationals to come in and create a situation so dangerous that law enforcement pulls its officers from patrolling and warns citizens to stay clear?
    There is an "international incident" coming. It is inevitable. The question will then become simple: "Who's side of the border does the US government belong to?".
    When people talk of an upcoming revolution and a cleaning of the government by force, this could be the trigger that brings that to reality.
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  2. They are backing true Americans in a corner, and you know what happens when you back someone or something into a corner. One of the two will end up getting hurt. The U.S. could easily go in and clear those areas out, but they won't because The GOP won't budge on Amnesty. That is an impeachable offense, except for the Democratic majority in Congress, but hopefully, that will change.

  3. If the government would give ME the money they just paid out to the teachers union, not only would I secure the border, but I would eradicate the drug cartels as well. Hell, with what's left over perhaps I could cure hunger and find a cure for AIDS as well. I would need several thousand men, but I'm sure there would be no shortage of volunteers. With that kind of money though the pay would be really really good!Maybe if we started a politically active union that had as its stated goal the destruction of America we could get the funding?
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    This is not a good time for America.:blindfold:
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    just great the uppers think its too dangerous, don't want to create an internation situation, blah blah blah. bullshit of the first order. i suppose these uppers never patrolled the border, some big city former police commisioner that never got out of the desk.

    i hope the situation remains static until somebody in the WH can lead the way for our agents to do the job and the tools to do it.:usa2:
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    Washington is in complete denial, PapaG. Morton, Napolitano, et al are pointing to the increase in arrests and deportations and are sticking to the story that the border is more secure than ever. To that I say, "If that's the case, why is the current administration closing down previously open sections of America to US citizens due to the danger presented by foreign nationals?".
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  7. I think a fly over and a nice layer of bombs droped on the U.S. side of the border would stop some of the rukus on the Mexican side. I would venture to say you would see some human mexican jumping beans hauling azz.
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    Why are we NOT hearing this on the news DAILY? :irked:
  9. we are not hearing this on the news daily because the news doesn't want to report the truth, or the facts they only care about innuendo nothing they can support. If it bleeds it leads UNLESS of course it's an American bleeding at the hands of an illegal, go figure!
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    Afton NY
    Well isn't that just ducky. We are loosing loved ones in the military almost daily overseas, and we refuse to make it safe at home . What are our soldiers dying for ?
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    The FBI admitted that there were over 215 incursions into the US by the Mexican army, working in conjunction with the drug cartels, in the period from 1998 to 2008. That's approx. one every 17 days. Without pointing the blame as any one party or President, this in itself is intolerable and evidence is that this has been on the increase over the past two years.
    Washington does not have the best interest of the American citizens at heart and will continue to make excuses and turn a blind eye to this situation until something major happens. In fact, they are doing their best to avoid such a scenario by not putting troops on the border, pulling back the Border Patrol and preventing US citizens from going in public areas where they could be attacked.
    This is nothing short of cowardice and an unexcusable violation of their sworn oaths to protect and defend this country.
    This has absolutely nothing to do with amnesty or anchor babies or all the other distractions and diversions that have been attached to this problem. This is national security and nothing less than that.
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