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  1. Okay Guys & Gals,

    ... I'm a 'Jeep' ROOKIE at reloading ... so let's make sure that's known.

    ... I have a Lee Turret Press and when popping primers, those little bas**rds are going all over the place. Is there a trick of the trade that I'm not grasping yet ... maybe a large tray under the press ?

    ... I'd appreciate some insight ... wife already getting on my 6 about the primers going everywhere, even though my press is in the basement.

    Larry O
  2. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    If you can hang a 5 gallon bucket under the press it should catch most of them...

  3. My press has a tray or catch pan connected to it that catches the spent primers
  4. There is a slot on the piston where the auto loader goes. I put a little piece of painters tape to cover the top portion of the slot that doesn't go down in the cylinder, it helps. I use a tidy cats bucket for any that make it out.
  5. cooker300

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    for my breech lock i put a piece of tape over the auto prime slot like said above. with my pro 1000 it said to drill a 1/2" hole under the press and they go in the hole 99% of the time then took some 1/2 OD hose and stuffed in the hole running to a 5gal pal
  6. Take your toggles off and turn the ram around so the slot faces the rear. Make a tray that fits between the posts. Use whatever material you have on hand. The primers will fall straight down the slot and into the tray 98% of the time.
  7. jimkim ... good idea. I'm going to be rebuilding my press with an auto-indexing feature, so now is a better time than ever.

    ... thank you everyone for the lesson.

    Larry O
  8. gandog56

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    And there is no such thing as a dumb question in reloading.

    We would rather you feel a bit stupid for a while than to feel your hand blowing up.
  9. FortyXDM

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    I good reloading room has to have some spent primers just ah layin around. Probably with a few live ones too !

    Iffin you want solitude.....let others in the house know the potential for a scare. :D :D
  10. dills

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    just remeber when you find misfit primers and unsure of small pistol/small rifle best to just throw them away, alot cheaper than a new gun or worse...
  11. billy

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    i got em all over the place.
    in the catch tray
    in lil piles on the desk
    in coffee cups
    all over the carpet
    live and spent both.
    they wont kill ya.

    it does make for nerve wracking vacuuming though...
  12. deepdarkwater

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    is the priming tool in the ram if not the spent primers fall out the front on that press
  13. rockman7

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    +1 or put the press on the corner of the work bench and hang the tray off the side or build a chute as i did and put a 5 gallon bucket underneath
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  14. rl69

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    on my lee turret the primers fall threw the ram out a tube you don't have the same setup ?
  15. Dutch

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    Both my presses have catch trays which get the majority of them. However my Tidy Cats bucket sits on the floor under the press and catches the wanderers.

    The real solution to your problem is deeper pile on your carpet. If they disappear when they hit the floor, problem solved.
  16. jerry

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    JEEP= Just Enough Education to Pass.
    Been there done that. If that's the worst that happens you will be good to go :)

    Keep cranking them out and enjoy!